Living in Portland, Oregon affords a person many opportunities.; not the least of which is access to hundreds of breweries throughout the city. While beer is available almost everywhere in the world, Portland holds a special affinity for the beer aficionado and visiting these breweries helps one experience beer in its purest and freshest form: Right from the source.

    A favorite of mine and my family is Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB) on Southeast Powell. Yes, I said family. HUB caters to families, as evidenced by the toys residing in the balcony seating. Train sets, dinosaurs, blocks—these distractions keep the kids busy while the adults enjoy adult beverages and conversation.

    But, let’s step outside for a moment. HUB is hard to miss for two main reasons. The first is that it’s easy to get to. Simply take 26 from anywhere in Portland and you are there. For those who don’t know, 26 becomes Powell, travels through the east side and becomes 26 once again. This main artery makes things really simple when it comes to getting around—and makes it next to impossible to get lost. But I digress….

    The second main reason is the color and design of the building itself. With yellow paint and black stripes, it looks like a giant concrete beam. In keeping with the urban/industrial theme, HUB also boasts wrought iron stair cases inside and out, giving HUB a clean, yet welcoming, ambiance.

    The bar area contains a giant chalkboard with all of the beers on tape that day (this board stretches across two walls) while also noting both their alcohol and IBU indexes. This provides some terrific reading material while awaiting seating (and, get there early, as HUB tends to fill up quickly during peak meal times).

    Which brings me to the food. While standard pub fare is prevalent here… the burgers are amazing, the fries are home cut and thick, the salads are fresh and delicious, the best deal (served at any time of the day) is the salad, slice of pizza and a beer of your choice, all for $8.50. It’s a great lunch time meal and it leaves plenty of cash in your wallet for paying bills, or grabbing another round.

    HUB is a great place to hang with friends and bring the kids too. Hopworks Urban Brewery is a little gem in the giant beer treasure box that is Portland, Oregon. With its central location, tasty libations, scrumptious food and unique ambiance, add HUB to your list of places to visit in 2015… and beyond.

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