I have lived in Portland and its surrounding suburbs for the majority of my life and yet I am always surprised at how close the town of Scappoose is to Portland. I always think it is way the heck out there and that a trip to this little town of 7,000 is an all day commitment. So, when my dad asked to meet up for breakfast one day and wanted Scappoose’s little cafe Ichabod’s to be the meeting place, I was a bit apprehensive.

    But, I’m glad I did not let my apprehension win.

    I got into the car and made the trek to Scappoose, expecting to spend the whole day in this small, charming town. So, when I pulled off the freeway a mere twenty minutes after I left my home in Cedar Hills and saw the sign that said “Scappoose 7 miles” I was pleasantly surprised. When I pulled into the parking lot for Ichabod’s ten minutes later and walked into the restaurant, I knew my life would never be the same.

    Maybe that’s dramatic, but my opinion on what a diner should be changed that day. Normally, a walk into a diner assaults your ears with loud conversations, with crashing plates, pans and mugs, and with crying babies. None of that was at Ichabod’s. In fact, it was eerily quiet, even though the diner was packed. Maybe the eeriness was aided by the wall of ceramic tramps above the hostesses booth. And this was all, wonderfully, weirdly, and delightfully great.

    After greeting my dad, we sat down at a cozy booth next to a large window that gave glimpses of the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, easily accessible from Portland yet unique in its own right. Looking at the menu, I was impressed by the prices, which seemed somewhat cheaper than prices normally found at a diner. I ordered the breakfast special number nine (chicken fried steak, egg, biscuits, and hash browns) and my dad got the Denver omelet with hash browns and toast.

    We didn’t have to wait long: halfway through my first cup of coffee, the food—big but not gigantic portions—arrived.

    Not only were the portions well sized, they were also delicious and filling. They didn’t taste out of a can, they tasted fresh and home made. I felt like I was eating food, not preservatives and filler… and I got full, but not stuffed.

    Ichabod’s is not Shari’s…. or Denny’s. Ichabod’s is a unique experience which caters to the residents of Scappoose while also delighting the urbanites of Portland, Oregon. It’s worth a visit… and it’s not really as big of a drive as you might think.

    There are no reservations necessary but it is small and there is often a wait, so plan accordingly. Ichabod’s is located at: 52049 Columbia River Hwy, Scappoose, Oregon 97056.

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