Impact Action Sports

    Ah. Paintball battles. If you’ve never been in one, it’s hard to explain them. If you have, you know what I’m talking about. There’s nothing quite like strapping on a bunch of gear, maybe putting on some camo, and firing harmless paint pellets at your buddies. Sure, it stings a little, but that’s all part of the fun!

    Whether you’re looking for urban warfare, indoor, outdoor, or guerilla action, there is something in the Portland/Metro area for everyone. One of my personal favorites, though, is Impact Action Sports in Tualatin.
    Impact Action Sports is Portland’s premier paintball park.

    Impact action sports is a large field with a series of barriers for defense. For all ages and all skill levels, the park has seven day a week access and reasonable prices for space use and rentals. When I took my son there for a birthday party, I knew we were in for a day of fun and a little pain.

    We rented our gear, got the equipment on and took sides. My son and I huddled with the rest of our squad and made a game plan. My son, with his speed, was going to be a gunner. His goal was to get the flag. Me, I’m a little slower so I would guard our own base. It was a flawless plan that would surely lead to victory.

    The bell went off and the game started. My son ran from one barricade to another, weaving and zig zagging across the field. He managed to take out two opposing gunners in the process. I guarded the flag behind a barricade. I was out quickly in an epic paint ball battle that ended with me having a yellow battle scar on my visor.

    “Whew. That was close,” I said, thankful that the shot had missed any uncovered skin. My son, however, captured the flag, and we won round one. A short break, and we were off again. We did this for hours, each time, me taking an early exit (and a few painful ones) and, about half the time, my son captured the flag and we won the game.

    It was tremendous fun and great exercise. Definitely something I would encourage anyone to do, man, woman, child, whatever. Impact Action Sports provides a fun, safe, and affordable paintball experience and it’s one that I won’t soon be forgetting. Located in Tualatin, it is close to anywhere in the Portland/Metropolitan area.

    For more information visit Impact Action Sports is open seven days a week, so there’s a chance for everyone to partake in the fun. Impact Action Sports is just one more reason why living in Portland is so great!

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