Incredible John’s

    Pizza is the best. I love delicious pizza. I love okay pizza. Even terrible pizza is still good pizza. So, whenever I can find a good place for a slice or two of pizza pie, I’m down. I’m Double down if I can play games and ride rides while I wait for and later digest my za. In the Portland area, Bullwinkle’s, Chuck E Cheese’s: These places are terrific for pizza and games, but there’s a new place in Beaverton could John’s Incredible Pizza Company.

    Incredible John’s is not just pizza and games and rides and fun. It’s an experience, it’s a memory and it’s a unique Portland, Oregon experience. It’s a full meal deal with an idea on full body health. They want you to enjoy the visit, from start to finish. Every. Single. Second.

    And, it starts with the meal. People need energy to play. Mealtimes at John’s Incredible Pizza Company might start (and with me, always does, due to my insatiable love of salads) at the salad bar with myriad kinds of veggies and toppings (I always go heavy on the olives). After the salad bar, I hop up and make my way to the pizza selections, including such unique varieties as Kickin’ BBQ, Spicy Peanut Butter, and classics like Pepperoni and Cheese.

    But, maybe you want an even more unique and YOU dining experience. If that’s you, there is also a Build-Your-Own Pasta Bar and a Dessert Buffet. Gorge yourself here on everything from fresh baked cinnamon rolls and soft-serve ice cream cones. The food is intended to be a much of the fun as the rides and the games. I always enjoy the eating portion of our time here, but it’s just a precursor to what lies waiting for me in Fun World.

    With more than one hundred new and classic arcade games plus rides like Boogie Bump bumper cars, Fun World lives up to its name. For the kids, it lets them be kids. For the adults, it reminds them of what childlike abandon is. Skee Ball and Whack-A-Mole are my jams. I wrack up the tickets, pool them with the tickets of my children, and redeem them for a prize one would actually want.

    Maybe John’s Incredible Pizza Company isn’t doing anything new or unique, but that doesn’t mean your experience won’t be. And, located right in Beaverton, for those west siders, it’s a win-win situation. John’s Incredible Pizza Company is located at 9180 SW Hal Boulevard in Beaverton just minutes from Downtown Portland. It’s worth checking out next time you’re in the market for delicious pizza etc., and fun and games.

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