Leaky Roof

    Pub fare: burgers, fries, nachos, wings, sausages. Who doesn’t like this kind of food? Who doesn’t like to show up at your local pub, enjoy a brewsky and some delicious food while watching the big game? Everyone. Everyone, that is, except for your heart, your kidneys and maybe your doctor. Pub fare is typically high in fat and cholesterol and is not great for you– that’s what makes it a nice treat.

    So, what about those that want to indulge in these fatty treats frequently but also want to live for a good long while? What do we have to offer them? Easy. In Portland, Oregon we have the sixty year institution, Leaky Roof Gastro Pub.

    I’m not a big fan of change (but, who is really?) and part of what makes the Leaky Roof so wonderful is that “Much has remained the same at The Leaky Roof Gastro Pub throughout the eatery’s 60-year history…the sounds of revelry still rattle ranks of bottles on the original bar. Patrons perch there, sipping micro brews and an extensive selection of Irish whiskeys while warmth and light cascade into the room from a three-sided fireplace.” One big change, though, is that the roof no longer leaks.

    Entering this charming little pub, my nostrils take in the sweet aroma of fish n chips battered in Guinness. My mouth waters as I sit and check out the constantly changing menu. I ordered the garlic truffle fries to start with and, for my entree, I debated between a burger made with truffle rémoulade of the Shepherd’s pie made from lamb. They both sound amazing, so, I flip a coin and the burger wins out. It is delivered, along with a hefty pint of Guinness and I eat slowly, savoring each bite, enjoying the impeccable presentation and soaking in the aroma.

    Aside from the delicious food, this would not be Portland without an homage to sustainability. Whenever possible, the skilled chefs at the Leaky Roof use locally sourced ingredients. More than that, your waste does not end up in the trash. The Leaky Roof participates in Portland’s composting program, ensuring that the Leaky Roof will be here in another sixty years and that Portland is still green and magnificent.

    The Leaky Roof is a Portland tradition. The food is a delicacy yet is still accessible and not too out there for the pickiest eaters to enjoy. If you love pub food but are maybe looking for a little taste differential, the Leaky Roof is the Pub for you. For more info, visit their website at:http://www.theleakyroof.com/pages/menu.html

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