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    When I was a kid, I played in bands. I showed up, lugged my own gear and played at all manner of all ages clubs and bars. I loved it.

    When I wasn’t performing, I was attending shows. Every weekend. Every night sometimes. The stamina I had was amazing, but, again, what teenager and early 20’s person doesn’t have ridiculous amounts of energy. Music was, and is, a huge art of my life. However, as I get older, live music, especially ina  club setting, has lost it’s luster. Sure, I still love the music, but, going to shows now is tiring and, dare I say it, too loud. I’d rather stay home most nights, watch an episode of This is Us and get to bed.

    Plus, with the plethora of bars and clubs throughout Portland offering live music, it can be exhausting to try to keep up.

    But, that doesn’t mean that the occasional live show isn’t still on the menu for me. In fact, there’s a number of concerts coming to Portland this year that I plan to attend.

    At the Moda Center, the biggest venue in the city, and home of the woebegone Trail Blazers, there’s a bunch of big name acts performing. On May 26th, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. On June 6th, I plan on donning my favorite 90’s outfit and sing along to the hits of Boyz II Men and Paula Abdul. Later that week, on the tenth, I’ll be wearing my 80’s metal clothes and head banging along to Def Leppard, Tesla and Poison. July 23rd brings us Bruno Mars and Neil Freaking Diamond will be in town on July 28th. I’ll Sweet Caroline my heart out until until Ed Sheeran two days later, followed by Green Day, Hank Williams Jr. and the comedy stylings of Jim Gaffigan. I’ll round out the year with Coldplay, Depeche Mode and check off my bucket list with Billy Joel on December 8th.

    But, it’s not just the Moda Center. Plenty of smaller venues are bringing in well-known local and national acts this year as well. The Crystal Ballroom, perhaps the coolest venue in Portland, is bringing in the Jesus and Mary Chain on May 22nd.  The Digable Planets bring in their laid-back hip hop on the 28th, ska legends the specials on June 12th, Taking Back Sunday on August 3rd, Simple Plan on the first of September, and Blues Traveler on November 11th.

    But other venues, like the Doug Fir, the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, the Roseland will be bringing in plenty of local and national acts as well. Portland has a thriving music scene along with the Blues and Jazz Festivals at Waterfront.

    Living here in Portland allows you to enjoy well known well known national acts and support local musicians and art. There’s always something to do and it’s a true music lovers’ paradise.

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