Lyle Hotel

    Who doesn’t like a weekend getaway? The 9-5 can be a grind no matter where you live and, frankly, most of us cannot afford to take week long getaways, or even weekend getaways to exotic locations. The beauty of Portland is that you can get away for the weekend without going too far from home. One such location is the Columbia River Gorge and the Historic Lyle Hotel in Lyle, Washington.

    The Columbia River Gorge is breathtaking. There is no other way to say this. On a clear day in Lyle, Washington, you can spot the faint visage of Mount Hood overlooking the remarkable Columbia River Gorge. The town itself is small (basically just a gas station and a grocery store), but is perfect for a weekend getaway what with the wide open spaces that have birthed a throng of refined and exciting pursuits. People come from all over the world to windsurf here. Boutique wineries pop up out of the rolling countryside. The weather here is often sunny and, only an hour and a half from Portland, it’s perfect for a weekend getaway.

    And when you’re there, the Lyle Hotel is the place to stay. The Lyle Hotel is a charming, turn-of-the-century hotel that seems perfectly at home in these rural surroundings. “This historic railroad hotel has been instrumental in developing local tourism since it was built in 1905, and though amenities have been updated with the times, visitors will find the aesthetics little changed.” After a day of windsurfing, wine tasting or sight-seeing, enjoy the delicious food in the old fashioned dining room. Grab a nightcap in the bar and then return to your comfortable room, with either a queen or dual single beds, adorned with cozy quilts. Enjoy a quiet, rustic evening in and then, before heading out for another day of adventure, stop by the dining room for self-service coffee and tea.

    Lyle, Washington isn’t well known, but it’s really the perfect spot for a weekend getaway from Portland, Oregon. Punch out at 5:30, hit the road by 6, and arrive at your quaint digs by 8:30 and enjoy an evening in a place that seems about as far away from the hustle and bustle of the big city in less than two hours.

    For more information, and to make a reservation, visit I look forward to seeing you there!

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