I came late to the sushi game. “Raw fish?” I would say. “That sounds disgusting. There’s no way you’ll get me to eat that.”

    Well, here I am now. Years later, on a constant quest to find the best sushi. I love the ginger, and the way it cleanses my palate, the wasabi and the way it teases me with heat and cleans out my nasal passages. And, of course, I love the artistic aspect as well. Perhaps more than any other food out there, sushi is an art form. Color, texture, layer, a viewpoint: It’s all there. Sushi is a food, a lifestyle, and a creative art. You can’t get much more Portland than that!

    Portland, of course is filled with sushi bars, ranging from gas station level quality to as high of quality that exists anywhere.

    In Tigard, just southwest of Portland, there’s a great little sushi place: Mizumi Buffet. Think of this place as the Cadillac of Sushi joints.

    An all you can eat buffet of sushi? Yes. Count me in.

    Located at 13500 Pacific Highway (A perfect distance from anyone in the Portland/Metro area) Mizumi Buffet is a sushi buffet and a traditional Asian eatery. What ties it all together, besides the artistic presentation and mouth-watering flavors, is the quality of the meat and seafood being used. In true Portland fashion, Mizumi doesn’t skimp on quality.

    Plus, any place that offers a free birthday meal, gets an A-plus in my book.

    But, there is something for all food types. Those who are wary of sushi, can still enjoy teriyaki chicken, scallops, shrimp, even salads. Or, if you’re anything like me, you can pile your plate high with just about anything you could possibly desire. At Mizumi, the only wrong choice is not going.

    The dishes prepared by the chefs at Mizumi Buffet range from traditional Asian recipes to Western favorites. Classic selections, such as delicious cuts of nigiri and snow crab legs coexist with complicated servings like California Rolls and barbecue spare ribs.

    While most of the food is made for the lunch and dinner buffet,the chefs can also create custom meals for the picky and creative eater. They serve their beloved dishes à la carte—ordered by itself on a wheeled plate— and fashion custom hibachi stir-fry plates or beautifully arranged bento boxes to go.

    Housed in an unassuming building and with traditional buffet flare, Mizumi is nonetheless a cozy addition to the impressive sushi and Asian food repertoire here in the Portland/Metro area. By the time you’ve had your fill, you’ll appreciate Tigard (and sushi) in a whole new way.

    It’s worth the short trek. Your taste buds and inner foodie will thank you. For more information, please visit: http://www.mizumibuffet1.com/.

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