It’s nice to find a babysitter and go out and spend some time with the missus just one on one. But that’s not always possible—and sometimes it’s more fun to bring along the kiddos—especially when they are well behaved ones, as ours are.

    But, the real conflict lies with my daughter. You see, we have a lovable Labradoodle and my daughter just loves, loves, loves that dog. I mean, who wouldn’t? But, nonetheless, she won’t leave the house without her, which sometimes (even in such a canine friendly city as Portland) can be problematic. In an effort to solve this problem, I did a Google search for “Dog Friendly Restaurants in Portland, Oregon Metro Area.” The first one that popped up? Monteaux’s Public House.

    What is Monteaux’s Public House? In a nutshell, it is an updated version of public houses from the olden days! From the long tables with benches, to the gigantic windows to the stupendous food, Monteaux’s Public House takes old time pubs and restaurants and updates them for the modern world. The best part? Monteaux’s is great for all ages and the patio seating is dog friendly meaning we can save on a baby sitter and give our canine something new to experience– which is always good.

    Monteaux’s Public House, in Beaverton, southwest of Portland, Oregon, offers traditional pub food and so much more. They pride themselves on “Well-prepared American fare and versions of Worldwide Favorites (or “country specials” as [they] call them) from different regions around the world. No matter how exotic or everyday the menu item, the common denominator is our commitment to fresh, seasonal, and local ingredients whenever possible.”

    Monteaux’s is safe and friendly and, best of all, the food is delicious. From the patio, you will enjoy taking in the sites and sounds of the suburban Pacific Northwest while enjoying delectable fare, delightful company and second-to none service– and, of course, with Fido and the kids allowed and welcomed, Monteaux’s Public House provides an experience for the whole family and is truly “A Public House for All Seasons. ”

    The prices are reasonable, the food is diverse and delicious, the ambiance is charming and the location is scenic and convenient. It’s suburban dining with an urban feel and just a hint of nostalgia.

    After enjoying our meal and a great night out, we all piled back into the family car and everyone—even the dog– was exhausted and satisfied by the time we arrived home just a few minutes later.

    Monteaux’s is centrally located in Beaverton, Oregon on Walker Road, two blocks west of 158th at 16165 SW Regatta Lane, #1000. They are closed on Sundays. And open MONDAY & TUESDAY – 11am to 9pm,WEDNESDAY – FRIDAY – 11am to 11pm and SATURDAY – 12pm to 11pm. For information, visit

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