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    As much as I would like to—or even as much as you may think I already do—I cannot speak for everyone. I certainly can’t speak for every man but, I think I would be hard pressed to find a human male who did not like fast cars. But, one thing I know for certain is that most of us don’t have an extra $250,000 lying around and, if we did, we wouldn’t likely spend that money on a “toy’”, a toy like an Italian made sports car.

    So, if you’re not an Indy car driver and you don’t have an extra $250,000 laying around, your options are limited if you want to drive super-duper fast. But, really, and thankfully, in Portland, Oregon there is no need to shell out that chunk of change in order to drive fast.

    Motor Sport Lab, at the Portland International Raceway allows you drive the sports car of your dreams. These are not muscle cars (Camaros, Corvettes, Mustangs, Chargers) that you can go purchase at your local car dealership, these are handcrafted, Italian, precision, sports cars. The Lamborghini Gallardo and the Ferrari F430. Vehicles unaffordable to the average man (or woman) can be yours for three exhilarating laps thanks to Motor Sport Lab.

    This is a one-time event, occurring this May 19th-21st at the Portland International Raceway. When the missus presented me with this idea (and she is no stranger to danger, having spent time in a shark cage for her fortieth birthday) I was scared, but I would never let her see. I had YouTubed videos of Indy Car accidents, or Ferrari and Lamborghini crashes and, let’s just say, they weren’t good. For the driver of the car.

    But, the rest of me, the part of me that loves adrenaline and danger and speeding down I-5 or the Sunset Highway, loved the idea and, at only $579, much cheaper than our shark adventure. It seemed like a no brainer. I could scrounge that money up if I had to.

    And don’t worry. Motor Sport Lab isn’t going to just stick me (or you) in the driver’s seat of a 600 horsepower monster without some proper training. This is supposed to be fun, not suicide. Before even getting behind the wheel and strapping on my helmet and safety harness, there is a15-minute safety and steering class and then, once I’m ready to go there will be an experienced driver next to me to help me not crash when I inevitably lose control.

    I can’t wait for this experience. The freedom to drive as fast as the car will let me without risking a visit from a friendly Portland Police Officer. Wow. It’s every guys dream… and probably a dream for many women as well. And, you can bet, I’m ponying up the extra dough for the video so I can relive this ride for decades and, of course, do some Facebook bragging. I may not get the chance to do this again, and I am going to make the best of it.

    This is just one more per of living in Portland. For more information, visit:

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