Murder Mystery

    There is a reason that cop shows are so popular: People love mysteries. They love to have their minds engaged in a puzzle, they love guessing the bad guy (or girl) before the bad guy (or girl) is actually revealed.
    People also love food. Not only is food necessary in order to live, it usually tastes great and stimulates all of our senses.

    So combining our love of mystery and our love of food seems like a fantastic way to spend the evening. Well, today is your lucky day thanks to the Old Spaghetti Factory in Hillsboro, Oregon and the Murder Mystery company.

    So how does it work? Well, the way most things begin: Simply. Diners arrive for a scrumptious Italian meal at a renowned establishment and begin enjoying a fabulous three course meal. They mingle with their friends, they share about their day, and then… someone dies. Suddenly and, since the detective assigned to the case is hapless, accusing everyone and their dog, it is up to you and your guests to determine the murderer… a murderer amongst you. “Table mates work together to prove their innocence and [to] find the real killer through an interactive performance full of hilarious characters and eye-catching costumes.” the best part is, this show is improvised an is designed for the whole family.

    Because the show is improvised (and because the food is delicious) you can see the show as many times as you would like and it will be different each time.

    The Murder Mystery company involves a “[T]roupe of professional improv actors [whom] ignite the dining room with entertaining outbursts and hilarious one-liners in an effort to divulge clues and redirect guilt. Meanwhile, guests work together to sniff out the real culprit, which is definitely not the school janitor in a mask.”

    Murder mystery dinners are a fun and versatile event that is truly a fun and unique experience for the whole family. We go as often as possible and, the fact that it is at the Spaghetti Factory, means there is food and drink that will appeal to everyone and that the event is easy to find. It’s not at some hole in the wall, podunk outpost…the “murder” here occurs in real life, right before your eyes, in a large, well known establishment, not too far from Portland, Oregon. For more information, check out

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