Music On Main

    We Portlanders love our music. From the Waterfront Blues Festival to the countless Jazz clubs to the dive bars hosting the underground scene which runs the gambit from hip hop to death metal, music is unavoidable in the City of Roses.

    But, in an effort to make it even more unavoidable, local Classic Rock station 92.3 KGON and Portland 5 Center for the Arts both sponsor Music on Main every Wednesday all summer long! This free concert series, from 5-7 each Wednesday, will help you overcome hump day with amazing local live music, delicious food and tantalizing libations. Blocking off Main street at Broadway, one can enjoy the sights and sounds of the greatest city on earth and still be home in time to tuck the kids in for bed.

    I decided not to fight rush hour traffic and simply bring a change of clothes with me to work and then hop the MAX straight into downtown. It was a breeze and I was on Main and Broadway in no time, ready to have my jaw dropped by incredible music. The faint sounds of kick drums and bass grew, as I marched up from Pioneer Courthouse Square, into a more melodic and tangible sound that I recognized as “The Boys Are Back in Town” by Think Lizzy. Spot on. Good start. I made my way through the throng of people and quickly grabbed a beer and a burger.

    The sound was incredible. The backdrop of the Arlene Schintzer Concert Hall created a natural amphitheater producing a sonic experience unlike any outdoor concert I had ever been too. There were no bugs or sitting on itchy grass in front of a stage, like you’ll find at other outdoor concerts. No, this was an urban soundscape with an urban setting and, people galore.

    This is a small town, but when you cordon off a small section, interactions are inevitable. Sure enough, right as the band broke into “Reelin in the Years.” I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to see my buddy. He had a beer in his hand and a smile on his face.

    “Great tunes, man,” He said.

    “Yeah man. Good stuff. I love this song.”

    We returned our ears to the music surrounding us, thankful for the City of Portland, which allows free events like this to happen. No red tape here, just good friends, good music, good food the backdrop of the greatest city on earth.

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