My Brother’s Crawfish

    I love comfort foods and, to me, nothing says comfort food like the cooking of the South- and the deeper the south the better. Fried chicken, okra, mashed potatoes, deep fried cat fish, jumbalaya. Count me in for all of it.

    “Well, mah friend. We sutheners like crawfish.” This is David speaking in his deep Louisiana drawl. “Fried chicken, alright. Sure. Gimme that with a can a beer and I’ll be happy as a hush puppy in a mud puddle.”

    I laughed. I love his expressions. Always have. He and his wife, Angela, were visiting Portland from Louisiana and they were dying for some home cooking.

    “Where can a fella get some craw daddies ‘round here?” he said.

    Thank God for Google.

    “Here’s a place,” I said. “My Brother’s Crawfish.”

    David stroked his beard. He was thinking. I could tell. “What chu say Angela? We sutherners are picky about our Cajun food. You brother better know what he’s doing.”

    At first, I thought he was serious, then I saw that smile. He was always such a jokester. “They’ve got the best crawfish in town” I told David and Angela as we made our way to near Harrison Park. “At least that’s what they say.”

    “You know what they say,” David said. “If’n the Crawdaddies didn’t taste so darn good, we would just call them midget lobsters.” David guffawed. He found himself hilarious. I did too, I have to admit.

    So, we showed up. The place didn’t look like much. It was unassuming, just like David and Angela. We took our seats and the waiter popped over to our table. I was a little disappointed that he did not have a southern drawl.

    “Can I start off with an appetizer?” He pointed at the menu. “I could recommend an order of Fried Green Tomatoes or Fried Alligator Bites.”

    David smiled. “I’ll always eat a gator. Couple orders’a gators.”

    The waiter walked away and David smiled. “Ya ever eaten gator?”


    “You’re gonna love it. Its like chicken, but it can kill ya.”

    So, the gator came and, David was right. I loved it. Chewy and crunchy, full of flavor. I would definitely order up some gator again.

    But, we were there for the crawfish. Crawfish etouffee to be exact. For good measure, we also ordered the seafood gumbo with clams and the chicken and sausage jambalaya. “We share in the south” David said.

    And, share we did. Every bite was succulent. Every flavor was exciting and perfect. Even David, the southern food snob was all over his meal. I swear, he licked his plate clean.

    “Well, muh friend,” He said. “You done did alright. Compliments to your brother.”

    Compliments were given. My Brother’s Crawfish is located at 8230 SE Harrison St in Portland, Oregon. There is also a location Vancouver, Washington. Ten out of ten. Don’t miss out.

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