New Years Travel

    That old, classic song – What are you doing New Years Eve? – is probably starting to ring in your ears right about now. Luckily, it’s a question covered in a previous installment.

    It’s no big secret, though, that travel can be hazardous and inconvenient on the holidays. New Years Eve especially, not only with party-goers who have imbibed a little too much and decide to get behind a wheel (or simply cannot find a way home), but also with general traffic and log jambs that can happen as a result of so many events occurring at once.

    So, what do you do if you want to go out but don’t want to fight traffic and, perhaps, don’t want to monitor how much you drink? Your safety is important to me, and to the city of Portland, so they have provided a number of options.

    Trimet. Trimet, now with a fourth line to take you virtually anywhere in the city, is the already efficient light rail service. On New Years Eve, beginning at 8 PM, all rides on Trimet in the city are free of charge. Trimet is a great option no matter where you go in the city and is a way to both circumvent New years traffic and get you home safely if you have a little too much fun while out on the town.

    Uber. On New Years Eve, the private cab company Uber will be offering a 25% discount for new users. Uber can take you anywhere and is an excellent choice if you overindulge, or if you simply stay out too late and need a ride home so you don’t fall asleep behind the wheel.

    Taxis. While this isn’t New York City, there are plenty of Taxi services around Portland that will get you to and from your destination safely and efficiently. Taxis are available everywhere, but will be available to hail and call in abundant numbers in Downtown Portland on New Year’s Eve.

    Knowing about these options should ease your mind as you make your New Year’s plans. Have a safe and happy New Years and an abundant 2016.

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