Or, maybe you want to make your season bright by doing something classy. Maybe Christmas lights are too gaudy for you. Maybe bazaars and concerts are too rambunctious. Maybe, you just want an excuse to dress up, to see your smokin’ hot partner dressed up and do something completely romantic.

    One of those things that you could do, then, is to check out the Nutcracker Ballet presented by the Oregon ballet Theatre.

    Now, I know what you’re saying, men. “Ballet? That’s not a super manly thing to do.” Well, get with the times, gentlemen. Now is the time when men get in touch with their feminine side and enjoy art for arts’ sake. Heck, I enjoy Project Runway and that’s not exactly a manly show.

    And, ballet takes friggin strength and balance. Many NFL offensive linemen, in fact, hone their skills by practicing ballet. Yes. If those six foot six, three hundred and fifty pound men can get into ballet, so can you.

    The Keller Auditorium, located on the campus of the private University of Portland Campus in North Portland, is hosting this event this year. I bought the tickets and surprised my wife with them as an early Christmas present. She expressed her gratitude in ways I cannot talk about here.

    But, I digress.

    Opening its doors in 1989, the Oregon Ballet Theatre is renown for mingling both classical performances and modern ones.  The Oregon Ballet Theatre has been delighting Portlanders for fourteen years with this performance, based on a novel by 19th-century romantic fabulist E.T.A. Hoffman. The Nutcracker interlaces an enchanted story of holiday adventure around one of the most identifiable scores in the ballet repertoire. “Join Marie and her charming Prince as they are swept away by dancing snowflakes to a magical land of sweets ruled by the Sugarplum Fairy – all set to Tchaikovsky’s brilliant score. Oregon Ballet Theatre’s Nutcracker features magnificent scenery and elaborate costumes. The Oregon ballet Theatre remains one of only a few in the nation with the rights to produce George Balanchine’s version of this holiday classic.”

    The Oregon ballet Theatre has a sterling reputation and now, with a new artistic director at the helm, I look forward to seeing what this years’ performance has to offer. If previous years were of any indication, it should be phenomenal. Going from Dec 9th until Christmas Eve, tickets are selling fast.

    Keller Auditorium is an easy drive from anywhere in the Portland/Metropolitan area. Men, buy this as a gift for your wife, but don’t be ashamed if you end up enjoying yourself as much as I did. I’m adding this to my increasingly lengthy list of things to do around the holidays in Portland, Oregon.

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