NW BBQ and Grilling School

    I’m a great cook. I’m not being cocky or fat headed. Just being accurate. I can turn anything edible into something stupendous. My wife appreciates this because it takes the cooking pressures off of her. I’ve always cooked well. But, the chink my armor, the Achilles heel, if you will, has always been grilling and barbecuing.

    But, summer is over. What’s the point of now learning something I won’t really get to put into practice until next year? Portland, Oregon is a prime location for grilling and barbecuing during late spring and summer, but, this time of year? I’ll just throw something in the crock pot, put on my jammies and enjoy something warm and soothing.

    However…next summer will be here before I know it and I don’t want to let another summer of embarrassing grilling ineptitude prevent me from having friends and family over to my barbecue friendly back yard in Cedar Hills. So, what are my options? North West Barbecue and Grilling School seems like the solution to my woes.

    This “school”, a one day class, teaches you everything you need to know to be an awesome griller. From smoking to frying to traditional barbecuing and grilling. They also teach safe food handling and serving techniques. Best of all, classes are small– and even private classes are offered. At a reasonable price (about $50 a person), you can take a customized course with four of your closest buddies and be on the path towards Grillmaster by next memorial day.

    As the day of my class approached, my wife bought me new clothes, she took me to get a haircut and she even got me a spiral notebook and some pencils. “Take good notes,” she said. “I’ll be giving you a test later.” Yep. It felt like a real first day of school.

    She dropped me off at the class where an instructor patiently taught me the basics without making me feel dumb. I have always had trouble getting the grill to light and stay hot. My instructor showed me how to do this and then he taught more advanced skills. Seasoning. Basting. Smoking. The necessity of grill marks. The importance of acidity. Lunch was a delicious blast and I didn’t need to go to recess. I made new friends and I learned a new skill. Now, I am the complete cook—and I have a certificate to prove it.

    Sure enough, when I got home, my wife instructed me to go in the backyard and fire up the grill. I did it with ease and proceeded to grill the best hamburgers and zucchini I have ever made. My wife concurred and said I had earned an A plus and that I would have a special award later.

    I am now a Grillmaster. Bring on the Summer.

    NW BBQ and Grilling School runs from March through October and is located at 4107 Fruit Valley Road Suite L just over the Bridge in Vancouver, Washington. For more info, visit http://nwbbqandgrillingschool.com/.

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