Old Scotch Church

    I love history. In fact, if I had my druthers, I would watch the History Channel 24/7. However, in those times when the kids or the missus decide to commandeer the television for their own purposes, I can still get my historical fix because I live in such a historically rich part of the country.

    One such location is the Old Scotch Church, located in an unincorporated portion of Washington, Country near Hillsboro, Oregon.

    Standing on a hill adjacent to McCay Creek amongst the rolling hills and lush farm lands of Washington, County, the Old Scotch Church stands as a reminder of the past with an aim towards to eternal… not that you have to be religious to appreciate this location. From an architectural standpoint, Old Scotch Church is a monument to American ingenuity.

    The church, which dates from 1873 (with the steeple dating from 1878) is pearl white and tall. Seeing it, one can easily picture early pioneers parking their horse and buggies and entering inside in their Sunday bests to hear the gospel spoken by a gravelly voice preacher.

    Built on an acre of land donated by Jacob Hoover, construction of the Carpenter-Gothic style structurebegan, based on a design by a Mr. Balantyne. His design featured stained glass windows, buttresses, steep roof, and the signature eight-sided steeple. Construction was completed in 1878, built primarily from materials donated by parishioners. In 1926, a bell was added to the steeple, a bell which still ushers in the faithful every Sunday, in what is the longest active church in Oregon.

    An onsite cemetery reveals some of the names of these early Oregonian parishioners and a walk on these hallowed and gorgeous grounds is like a walk back in time. The grounds are respectfully maintained by the staff at Tualatin Plains Presbyterian Church. One can’t help but stand in awe of those early pioneers who helped make Oregon the great state it is today. Of course, I always marvel at the primitive technologies used to build such a long standing and gorgeous structure.

    Regardless of your religious bent, The Old Scotch Church stands as a reminder of a bygone era, and is an important historical land mark in the Portland/Metropolitan area. Swing by for a visit.

    Old Scotch Church is located at30685 NW Scotch Church Rd, Hillsboro, OR 97124.

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