Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE breakfast. It’s by far my favorite meal which, unfortunately with my work schedule, I am unable to fully enjoy on a regular basis. Sure, a bowl of cereal, maybe a piece of fruit but, to have a nice hearty breakfast is a rarity for me.

    So when I have the opportunity, I want to take advantage. On my day off, laying in my bed in my new house in Lents, my stomach rumbled with impatience. It was breakfast time, and a bowl of Cheerios wasn’t going to cut it. Enter: The Google Machine: Breakfast Places in Lents. Oliver’s Café. Sounds interesting. I like cafes. Simple breakfasts have always been my thing. 2.5 miles away. Sold.

    So, I moseyed out of bed, put on my finest pair of a shorts and a t-shirt and drove the short drive down Foster to Oliver’s Café.

    Nestled in the heart of Lents, Oliver’s Café is a quiet, unassuming space with large ceilings, giant windows and a basic, yet delicious menu. Free from the cacophonous chatter and clinging and clanging of plates and silverware often found in greasy spoons, Oliver’s had a pleasant vibe, with dark wood and a laid back vibe.

    I ordered the Country Scramble and a cup of coffee and sat on a large bench looking out onto the up and coming Lents neighborhood. Less pedestrian oriented than other neighborhoods, I watched as cars and trucks moseyed along Foster. A few obligatory bikers whizzed by and I took in this neighborhood in all of its glory.

    And then my food came. If there is one thing I don’t like is when a perfectly good recipe is changed and modify just for the purpose of being different. I didn’t have to worry about that here. While perfectly executed and plated with extreme beauty, this was the kind of country scramble I was hoping for.

    Sausage, spinach cheese, tomatoes, onions. No kale, duck eggs or bris. Those things have their place, but not on my plate of traditional breakfast food. Not needed when the taste is as exquisite as the taste is at Oliver’s. It was delicious and tasted fresh and clean. It was everything I wanted when I woke up with a rumbling tummy and, especially with the close proximity to my place, I will certainly be back.

    Oliver’s Café is located at 8931 SE Foster Rd. in Portland. For a no frills, straight up delicious breakfast, Oliver’s Café in Portland, Oregon is a fine choice.

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