Oregon City Sadle

    The East Coast doesn’t corner the market on history. Sure, the Western United States is relatively new in comparison and still being explored, but, the Lewis and Clark Expedition was over two centuries ago and the Oregon Trail, which brought thousands of settlers to the glorious West Coast, occurred in the mid-19th century. Oregon has been a state since 1859… when most of our great grandparents had yet to even be born. There’s history here.

    Oregon City is the oldest city on this side of the Mississippi. It rests on the Willamette River and shares a long lasting high school football rivalry with West Linn, which lies on the otherside of the river. Every year before the annual game—until the recent remodeling of the bridge dividing the cities—the students of Oregon City and West Linn converged and marched to the game together… taunting and teasing the other school mercilessly.

    This quaint little town, about twenty miles south of downtown Portland, Oregon, is a little slice of history—and an underrated place to consider calling home. Oregon City is a perfect blend of rural and suburban with large ranch style homes resting on lush green yards with white picket fences, to newer homes perched atop the hills offering panoramic views of the entire city.

    Housing is inexpensive and offers numerous conveniences. Hospitals, medical centers, schools, produce markets, restaurants, and even Clackamas Community College are here. You can visit downtown Oregon City and peruse the old timey shops and restaurants. In this commercial area, you can find all the conveniences of everyday living.

    Leaving downtown and heading up the windy hill, past the historic Oregon City Municipal elevator or from Clackamas Community College past the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, you enter a treasure trove of fine homes of all types. Large and older Portland style homes, older ranch styles, condos and townhomes dot the residential area of this fine city. Farmland and acreage are plentiful. Chickens, dogs and cows all call this place home—and you should too. Oregon City natives such as singer/songwriter Meredith Brooks and professional baseball player Trevor Wilson, can often be spotted enjoying this great city along with “the regular” residents.

    If you enjoy the quiet but also the convenience of city living, Oregon City offers affordable housing in a charming and historical location. It’s an established and economically stable community that offers many amenities and points of interest. It’s an underrated suburb of the larger city—but it was named after this great state for a reason. If you’re looking to live in the Portland area, consider Oregon City. You’ll fall in love.

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