Oregon Convenience

    Portland, Oregon—and Oregon in particular—is a great place to live for many reasons. The natural beauty, temperate climate, and convenient location are only a few of the more obvious reasons. But what about some of the other reasons that may be a little more subtle? Here are just a few…

    Not pumping your own gas.

    There is something nice about being able to pull up to the gas station and not having to leave the car. Rain or shine, snow or sleet, cold or hot, a friendly gas station attendant is there to take your money and put gas into your vehicle. This is nice for the convenience, but also for the smell… or lack thereof. Spilling gas on your clothes or car is an odorific experience. You can avoid that in Oregon.

    No sales tax.

    There is no sales tax in Oregon. When you make a purchase, the price of that purchase is the price you pay. From a pack of gum to an automobile, sales tax can add huge expenses to your budget. Not having to pay a tax on goods and services in Oregon is a huge convenience.

    Mountains, beaches, and deserts, oh my!

    Oregon has a little something for everybody. From mountains with some of the finest skiing and hiking this side of the Rockies, to a coast line that is beautiful beyond words, to deserts, urban sprawl, rich farmlands to the deepest lake in the United States, Oregon has something to appeal to everyone… and it is all within a days’ drive of anywhere.


    The Columbia River Gorge, just an hour east of Portland on I-84, is considered by many to be the best place in the world for windsurfing. It’s also a prime location for jet skiing, water skiing, tubing and fishing.

    Breweries and wineries
    Oregonians are known for their discernment in beer, wine and food consumption. Oregon is a prime location for lovers of beer and wine. Annually, the State of Oregon and its 220 breweries create more than 1.6 million barrels of beer each year resulting in thousands of jobs and millions of happy taste buds. Moreover, with more than 300 wineries and over 500 vineyards, Oregon winemaking can challenge any winemaking region in the world, including California’s’ famed Napa Valley.

    People that live here already know what a great place Oregon is to live in. The above reasons are just a few. Really, check things out for yourself. Oregon, and specifically the Portland/Metro area is a prize location to live in. You should probably move here.

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