Oregon Dream Ponies

    “I want to ride a pony.” This is my daughter. This is her response any time I ask her what she wants for her birthday. She doesn’t want to own a pony. Too much responsibility, she says. She just wants to ride one for awhile and then give it back. “I just want to ride one.” She says again.

    Every year I’ve had to deny my tiny angel this request. “Where am I going to find a pony?” I lament to my wife in bed. “Why can’t we just get her a bike or something?”

    “Well, she wants a pony,” My wife always says. “Good night.”

    After this most recent insistence on getting a pony ride and realizing that she wouldn’t be a little girl with such simple pleasures forever, I had trouble sleeping so I hopped on ye olde Google machine and researched my options.
    Boom! Viola! Done and done. This year, I would make my little girls’ dreams come true. Oregon Dream Ponies in Newberg, Oregon—not too far from Portland.

    Founded by Cowgirl Kim and her hubby Cowboy Bob, though they weren’t always known by such monikers. Cowgirl Kim grew up in the city, she was a country girl at heart. As a child, she scoured Oregon far and ride and rode every pony therein. She even tried to convince her mother that their garage could house a pony. No such luck.

    Then came Cowboy Bob riding along on his noble steed, so to speak. The two hit it off, got hitched, and ultimately realized their dream of living out in the Oregon country, purchasing the five acres in Newberg, Oregon that now hold Oregon Dream Ponies.

    In addition to eighteen ponies and horses, the all inclusive ranch also has a bunch of ducks & chickens and other farm critters. The ranch hosts birthday parties and pony experiences, providing children from the city ample time to learn about rural life and to ride ponies. To ensure safety on the pony rides, guides hand lead each pony ride.

    Oregon Dream Ponies will be a way for my daughter to fulfill her lifelong wish of riding a pony, but will also give her (and us) a break from the hustle and bustle of city living and experience the fresh air and quiet of country living. I can’t wait for my daughter to have this experience and to tell you all about it. She’s going to have a blast, and so will you.

    For more info, please visit: http://oregondreamponies.com/

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