Orenco Station Cyclery

    The biking population in and around Portland, Oregon is large to say the least. For many individuals residing in this gorgeous area, bicycles and public transit have become the primary mode of transportation. It makes sense—bicycling is good exercise, good for the environment…it’s convenient and inexpensive. In fact, with gas prices still hovering around $3 a gallon and auto insurance rates climbing, it is estimated that car ownership costs the average American upwards of $5,000 a year.

    So, if like me you’ve decided to sell the car and live the life of a bicyclist, you may not know where to start. The Portland/metro area has many bike shops with knowledgeable sale people and quality products. In the Hillsboro neighborhood of Orenco Station, Orenco Station Cyclery stands out as an honest, affordable, and awesome bike shop.

    Located conveniently off the Orenco Station Max Line, Orenco Station Cyclery is new to the neighborhood, but they’re seasoned pros at fixing bicycles, answering your bicycling questions, and feeding you scrumptious vegetarian cuisine. Andy is the bike tech and his passion for cycling comes through in every conversation; he readily answers questions, swaps stories, and pumps your tires for free. Andy is not only knowledgeable, he is honest. My wife, who is very new to biking, recently went to see Andy with questions. Before walking into the shop, my wife had been convinced that she would need to buy some new products, but a very honest and resourceful Andy quickly assessed her situation and determined she did not need to make a purchase that day. My wife came home singing the praises of the honest, and “cool and hip” bike guy. Andy had made a customer for life.

    I would be remiss not to mention the fabulous Pannier Deli which is located in the shop. While you await your repairs, visit Wendy in the deli. Have her make you a fresh fruit and veggie smoothie or a vegetarian sandwich served with all organic ingredients. It’s delicious, affordable, and filling—even for the most ardent carnivore. I recommend the avocado sandwich, but they’re all winners.

    Orenco Station Cyclery knows the nuances of bicycle law—what lights need to be displayed (a white in the front, a blinking red in the back), what equipment needs to be worn, what hand signals need to be used. They will answer all these questions and expect nothing in return. All the merchandize—from gloves to jackets to baskets to water bottles to hats—are quality products, designed to go the distance with you and your ride without busting your wallet.

    Even if you don’t live in Orenco Station, Orenco Station Cyclery can be accessed easily. The shop is expediently located off of the MAX station. It’s about thirty minutes from Pioneer Square by MAX.

    So, if you’re looking for a good and honest bike shop that has some good grub too, consider Orenco Station Cyclery. They are located at 1080 Northeast Orenco Station Parkway in Hillsboro and are open from five AM until seven PM every day of the week (though the bike repair has different hours).

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