Osaka House

    One of the funniest move scenes of all time for me is in Beverly Hills Ninja when Chris Farley pretends to be a chef at a Japanese restaurant. You know, one of those restaurants the chef takes your order and prepares your meal there, right in front of you. My best part is when they pile high some rings of onions, create a chimney, and then allow steam or smoke to go through them.

    We have a number of eateries like that in the Portland area, but, there is a great one across the river in the Orchards neighborhood of Vancouver, Washington: The Osaka House.

    It’s been said, especially nowadays, that cooking is an art form. You eat with your eyes and your nose before you actually taste the food. Places like the Osaka House actually double as entertainment, which is a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

    Inside the Osaka House, tables of red teppanyaki (Japanese griddles), are manned by skilled chefs performing culinary (and sometimes literal) pyrotechnics.  These chefs (who clearly love their jobs and the art of cooking) take humble slabs of meat andvegetables and slice ‘em, dice ‘em, toss ‘em, and yes, alight them. Right in front of your eyes. You’ll sit close enough (if you’re lucky) to singe your eyebrows. The mouth watering aromas will tease your taste buds. And, of course, with the chef right there cooking in front of you, it’s perfectly okay to special order.

    The Hibachi entrees available at Osaka House should please everybody, from the picky eater to the adventurous one, from the family on a budget to the person for whom money is no object. From chicken, to filet mignon, to swordfish and lobster, the difficulty isn’t in finding something to order, it’s in what deciding not to order. And, while the chef slices, dices, and lights aflame your dinner, enjoy the your shrimp appetizer, and the soup and salad, vegetables, and seasoned rice. There’s also traditional favorites like egg rolls and California rolls.

    Osaka House serves hearty meals at a reasonable price and is safe and fun for the whole family. You’ll want to make it a regular occurrence, whether you live in Vancouver, across the bridge in Portland, or anywhere in between. Make it your next dinner and entertainment event, and, of course, don’t attempt to cook like these chefs at home!

    Osaka House is located at 6700 Northeast 162nd Avenue Suite 417 in Vancouver, Washington, just a hop, skip and a jump from Portland.

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