• Charter Fishing

    Charter Fishing

    Fishing I one of those things that I really want to get into but end up being frustrated by. Getting up before its even light out, donning a bunch of…

    Written by Rick Sadle
  • Brooklyn


    What if I told you that you could live in Brooklyn without packing up and selling your belongings, changing time zones and jobs and saying goodbye to your friends and…

    Written by Rick Sadle
  • Big Hunt

    Big Hunt

    If you know, or have learned anything about me because of reading these blogs, you would know that I love Portland, Oregon and that I am obsessed with learning all…

    Written by Rick Sadle
  • Trees


    Sherwood, Oregon. A suburb of Portland filled with loping green hills, stately trees, pleasant, upper middle class homes, and valley/mountain views that will take your breath away. As the Gateway…

    Written by Rick Sadle
  • Exotic Animals

    Exotic Animals

    Portland, Oregon—the whole Northwest really—is a haven for natural beauty. From splendid pine trees to bulky deciduous trees, to mountains that will drop your jaw, and bodies of water that…

    Written by Rick Sadle
  • Camp Dakota

    Camp Dakota

    An unusually harsh winter in Portland, Oregon is winding down. If you’re anything like me, you grew weary of the snow after the first week and spent the rest of…

    Written by Rick Sadle
  • Motorsports Lab

    Motorsports Lab

    As much as I would like to—or even as much as you may think I already do—I cannot speak for everyone. I certainly can’t speak for every man but, I…

    Written by Rick Sadle
  • Heavy Metal Brewing

    Heavy Metal Brewing

    I love heavy metal. The heavier the better. The more shreddy the guitar, the more bombastic the drums the more guttural or shrieky the vocals, the better! It gets me…

    Written by Rick Sadle
  • The American Local

    The American Local

    Keep Portland weird. We Portlanders proudly proclaim this slogan as a way of life, as a mantra, heck, we treat it as a calling. Whether we are looking for something…

    Written by Rick Sadle
  • Fiddlestix


    I love a good Western. Whether it’s a classic Zane Grey or John Wayne flick, or a modern interpretation, there is something about the violent simplicity of the old American…

    Written by Rick Sadle