Pastini Pasteria

    After filling our cultural stomachs, minds and eyes with some of the most wondrous artwork ever created by man, we exited the Portland Art Museum and our tummies were rumbling. This made sense, of course, as it was 8 PM and we had not yet had dinner. Fortunately, we were in Downtown Portland and would be able to find a place to eat within walking distance. The theme of exercise was continuing on our First Thursday Date Night.

    We didn’t know what we wanted, we just knew that we wanted the rumbling in our stomachs to stop, but we didn’t have to walk far before a miracle occurred:

    “I have a craving for Italian.” This was my wife. And nothing made me happier! Italian was my favorite and here she was, sharing that craving with me. I didn’t know if she was being nice or if the craving was real, and I didn’t care. I was going to take advantage of this opportunity.

    I looked up and we were standing next to the Pastini Pasteria. Maybe the giant sign out front prompted the passion in my wifes’ taste buds. I didn’t care. “Italian it is!” I said.

    The Downtown Portland Pastini Pasteria is located at 911 SW Taylor Street in the Studio Building next to Director Park. Pastini Pasteri has several locations, but, with its vaulted ceilings, open floor, and view of the Park, this is the prize.

    We walked through the large glass double doors and I admit I was fearful what dinner here would cost me. A downtown restaurant at dinner time. I was prepared to sign over my first born.

    I didn’t have too.

    Our hostess seated us in a cozy both next to large windows that looked out onto the late evening hustle and bustle of Portland, Oregon. Inside, subtle lighting, dark colored walls and a large dining area heed us settle in as we perused the menu.

    It was going to be impossible to decide. Numerous traditional pasta dishes, vegetarian options, soups, salads, pizzas, and an impressive wine list. The possibilities were endless and the prices were… not so bad!

    We settled on our meals. I chose the spaghetti with spicy sausage. My wife chose the seafood medley. We were delighted. The food tasted fresh and clean, the sauce was perfect and not overbearing. The heat was just right on my pasta and the seafood was perfectly cooked for my wife. It all washed down nicely with quiet conversation and a glass of wine. We paid our bill and walked out the door, satisfied, continuing our First Thursday Date which, as luck would have it, would have one more glorious stop.

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