Pat’s Acres

    Go karts are awesome. No matter what age you are, sitting in a Go-Kart and zooming down a track is exhilarating. And, because Go Karts are open air and lightweight, they feel much faster than they actually are. Everyone loves Go Karts. Anyone who say otherwise is either a liar or has never ridden in a Go-Kart before.

    Portland, Oregon has quite a few places to enjoy these fun miniature race cars. The Family Fun Center in Wilsonville is a popular one but, if you’re willing to drive just a little bit further south, to Canby, Pat’s Acres Racing Complex provides the best Go Kart racing in all of the Portland/Metro area.

    Pat’s has been thrilling families and thrill seekers since the 1950’s. It’s a crowd pleaser and a Portland staple. Initially intended to be a motorcycle racing course, the grounds were later re-built as a go-kart track. Which is good, because my wife would never let me ride a motorcycle. But Go-Karts: “Have at it.” She says. It’s a safer alternative—but no less fun.

    No doubt in part due to the appeal of its straightaways, shaded by amazing Oregon trees, and its tight, tire-squealing turns, the track has played host to a number of national championship Go-Kart races, including Superkarts! USA’s National SKUSA ProMoto Tour. That was my first experience. Watching those little racers make those hairpin turns was like a miniature Indy 500—which is on my bucket list of events to attend. For now, this is the next best thing.

    My kids are a little young still (fourteen is the youngest they allow to drive) but that’s just fine. I enjoy the pulse pounding action around the track with just me and other kids at heart. Each kart is equipped with a nine horsepower Honda Motor, which permits it 1.5 lateral Gs when taking those hairpin turns. Plus, they can go fast, really fast. Like, on a street, they could leave a big rig in the dust. I’ve been clocked at sixty miles an hour. More than once.

    But, they don’t just throw you out their willy nilly. Pat’s Acres Racing Complex wants you to be safe and have fun. they help visitors expand on (or learn) their technique with lessons in kart exercises and track etiquette that includes ample time on the track.

    Oh yeah, they also have a paintball court.

    Seems perfect!

    Pat’s Acres Racing Complex is located at Aurora – Butteville – Barlow 6255 S Arndt Rd in Canby. They offer day and seasonal passes. Fun I guaranteed and just another reason why I love living in Portland.

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