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    I’ve lived in Portland most of my life and have seen this city from every angle: above, below, via foot, via river, via car, kayak, and train. But, oddly enough a bike tour is something I have not yet done. Sure, I’ve ridden my bike through town, but not so much for education, as for exercise, transportation, and relaxation. But, Portland is the Bicycle Capital of America and is one of the most bike friendly cities in the country.

    Why not learn about it from a bicycle?

    Starting at the low cost of $59, Pedal Bike Tours can take you on an “Easy, fun, and safe spin through Portlland’s history, foot and architecture.” Having recently discovered these guided tours, I have already taken advantage of the history tour, food tour and, of course, the brewery tour.

    The Historic Downtown Tour, rated for beginners, provides “The essential introduction to Portland.” From well-travelled bike lanes, providing spectacularsights of downtown Portland and the city’s countless bridges, through the waterfront, past the turn of the century brick and cast iron abuttededifices of Old Town. Cycle through Old Town into Chinatown and travel back in time seeing these streets teem with Chinese immigrants peddling (no pun intended) their wares. Then, roll into the Pearl with its ubiquitous art galleries, glass fronted domiciles and trendy shops and restaurants, before finishing the tour with a ride by Henry Weinhard’s brewery and back into downtown.

    Or maybe you want to eat and ride.

    Portland is a great place to do that, and you can experience this with the Food Cart Tour. Discover the city as a true foodie… and maybe find a new place to stuff your face. The “First stop is a pod of carts located just across the river at 12th and Hawthorne. Not only is this pod the first food cart pod to appear in Portland, but it is consistently popular having such great carts as Wiffies, Potato Champion and La PerrieraCreperie.” Later, journey to Sunnyside and discover some lesser known gems, including Viking Soul Food and The Honey Pot before pedaling your way through picturesque Laurelhurst and back across the Willamette River into downtown Portland to the food cart pods on 10th and Alder… with more than forty carts to choose from, you’ll find something here you’ll love before coasting downhill to conclude the tour.

    But let’s face it, biking and beer is what has kept you reading this far. With the Oregon Brewery Tour, you can pedal through “Beervana” to see several of the forty microbreweries and brewpubs that make Portland a beer drinker’s paradise, and why we locals rally to Keep Portland Beered. This three and half hour tour is sure to work up your thirst—burn those carbs and calories before you replace them—at local favorites such as the Bridgeport and Lucky Labrador Breweries. Signature beers and bicycles.This is my favorite.

    Pedal Bike Tours provide you with a fun and healthy way to explore the great city of Portland. Whether you’re a lifelong resident or a recent transplant, by the time you finish one of these tours, you will know the city as well as any one. To book your tour (and check out the other tours they offer), visit:

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