Portland Craft Beer Festival

    The 4th of July is my favorite holiday; I love America, summer, barbecues and I love, love LOVE blowing stuff up. Fourth of July allows me to bring out my inner pyro and relive my childhood by purchasing Roman Candles, lighting them and launching them at my friends. Well, okay. Maybe I won’t do that. Maybe, as a responsible adult, I won’t be blowing anything up. Maybe I will be celebrating Portland style: with beer!

    In a city that seemingly has a craft beer festival every weekend, why should I go to the Portland Craft Beer Festival at Fields Neighborhood Park? What makes it different?

    That’s a good question. I’m glad you asked.

    Well, for starters, this years’ event is the first. “The Portland Craft Beer Festival’s goal is to host an annual premier craft beer event that enables all breweries within the city limits of Portland, Oregon to showcase their beers on a common stage…What makes the PCBF unique is the fact that only beers brewed within the city limits of Portland will be featured at the …Aside from beer, there will be selections of Portland’s crafted ciders and wines, as well as locally based food vendors.”

    But, more than that, the event also serves a greater purpose: “To support Portland neighborhood interests through the promotion of local breweries.”

    So, that’s what sets it apart. It’s a Portland Craft Beer Festival that is actually Portland Craft Beer. That’s a novelty I can get excited about. It’s also not in Waterfront, but rather in Northwest Portland. It’s a different vantage point and opens up a whole new view of Portland. I’m already pumped, thinking about drinking fine craft beer on a hot sunny day in the greatest city on Earth, waiting for the sun to drop and the fireworks to begin.

    But, even if beer is not your thing, The Portland Craft Beer Festival will also feature a full cheese and wine section, food carts featuring all kinds of cuisine, all of which is much more fun than shooting Roman Candles at your buddies.

    I cannot contain my excitement for the upcoming Fourth of July. The chance to try new beers, new wines, new cheese, experience great food and see a new neighborhood, all before an exhilarating fireworks show? Count me in and find me at the Portland Craft Beer Festival

    For more info, visit: http://www.portlandcraftbeerfestival.com/

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