Portland Values

    Portlanders are a proudly quirky bunch. You can spot us from a mile away. The greatest giveaway is our fashion sense and, namely, the shorts, matched with a hoodie and Birkenstocks with socks. Yes, we are a strange, lovely, and unique bunch. Keeping Portland Weird is as much a way of life as it is a fact. We are proud of our weirdness.

    Portlanders value local food. Find any one of the many restaurants in Portland and you will find a menu boasting that much of the food that they serve is sourced locally. Local food not only ensures freshness and traceability, it also creates and builds local jobs and businesses. When you know the name of the farm where your food comes from, it creates a sense of closeness with your community.

    Portlanders value the outdoors. Portlanders are an outdoorsy bunch. Whether it’s hiking on the innumerable trails throughout the cities, suburbs and rural areas, whether it’s taking to the slopes for night skiing or for a weekend of fun, or walking along the beach, wind surfing in the Columbia Gorge or simply having a picnic in your front yard, you will find Portlanders, in all kinds of weather, enjoying the great outdoors.

    Portlanders value social progress. Portlanders care about others, especially those whom society looks down on. Oregon gave birth to Americans with Disabilities Act. Oregon has also been at the center of the Physician Assisted Suicide battle as well as the battle for civil rights for all races, religions and sexual orientations.

    Portlanders value creativity and art. From our architecture to our numerous art museums, to our parks and even to our food and music. The creative scene is vibrant here, with local music found on every block, authors and do-it-yourselfers. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing with an eye towards beauty and creativeness.

    Portlanders love simplicity. This may be a medium sized, urban center, but the lives are simple here. A good cup of coffee, a nice pint of beer, a relaxed conversation on your porch swing… Simplicity reins here. Sure, we may look a little funny. Maybe we have more tattoos than the average person, maybe more beards and more unnaturally colored hair but, most of all, Portlanders love being themselves. Perhaps they value originality above all else. Maybe being yourself is what is most important. We have certainly discovered that here. Discover this for yourself.

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