Pumpkin Ridge Zipline

    Human Beings have always been fascinated by flight. Since the dawn of time, seemingly, we have tried to harness the power of flight—and I think we have always been a little bit jealous of the freedom of the birds. So, when any opportunity arises to soar through the air, I think we take it.

    That’s why I decided to check out ziplining again.

    I’ve ziplined before but it’s been years. Now, I’m a little older, a little more fragile, a little more aware of my own mortality. None of that is going to stop me. I need to feel the wind in my air, I need the fear and exhilaration of flying through the air at high speeds. Even if it only lasts a few moments, I need to fly.

    Enter: Pumpkin Ridge in North Plains, Oregon.

    Better known as a premier golf course, Pumpkin Ridge also now offers ziplining and other adventures.

    At Pumpkin Ridge Zip Tour, fliers fly along one of eight zip line routes or, for the truly brave traipse across suspension bridges (sorry, folks, it’s not for me. That’s just too scary), getting a birds-eye view of the majestic treetops of the great Pacific Northwest. All manner of flight is promoted here. Some of the zip lines keep the less brave about twelve feet from the ground, but, more experienced dare devils can climb and fly as high as twelve stories above the forest floor. These are guided flight tours and the guides keep it interesting by injecting personal stories and humor while keeping it professional and safe.

    A forest of Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir trees conceal Brunswick Canyon, near Portland, Oregon. This was the site of my latest ziplining adventure. Straining my neck to look straight into the canopy of green was like taking a glimpse into another world: especially on that day as a light fog spooled across the land. This was the view I soared above and through.

    And, that flight was majestic. I flew, feeling for a moment like a bird. The wind rushed through my hair, I spread my arms out and flapped them. This was unnecessary, of course, but it felt like the right move. It added to the experience. It made me feel more birdlike. Free. That’s how to describe the experience. If you’ve never been you need too. It’s less scary and expensive than sky diving. I mean, I’ll never jump out of a perfectly good plane, but, strap me to a harness and send me down a steel cord… any time!

    Pumpkin Ridge is just a hop skip and a jump from Portland. Check it out at https://www.pumpkinridgeziptour.com/.

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