Have you ever wanted a private party but without the hassle of cooking, of planning, of cleaning, hosting and writing a gigantic check? I know I have. I love get togethers. I love having a group of friends and family and doing a bunch of fun activities, eating some food and maybe having some drinks. Thankfully, Punchbowl Social in Southwest Portland, Oregon allows me to have a private party, full of activities, and good food without having to dig deep into my bank account to pay for it.

    I wanted to do something super awesome for my wife’s birthday but, after a series of birthday disasters, I wanted to check things out first. I called up some buddies and we took the trip out to Southwest for a night of exploration and fun at Punchbowl Social.

    In addition to fresh, locally sourced cuisine and a generous selection of drinks, Punchbowl Social offers private karaoke booths, darts, bowling, vintage arcade games, shuffle board, marbles and ping pong. The private karaoke booths were what I was most interested in. Sure, my wife and I have no qualms getting on stage and performing at public karaoke bars, but, with these private booths, some of our more reserved friends could also let loose. The games are all charged per person by the hour, giving you full control on how much you actually want to spend.

    After bowling, marbling and darting to my heart’s content, my buddies and I ordered some food and drinks and reserved one of the private karaoke bars. Before the day begins, executive chef Sergio Romero and Company prep and organize the kitchen, before baking and cooking each meal from scratch. The food, ranging from burgers to mac and cheese to salads, is excellent. It may as well have been made in your own kitchen. Of course, you don’t have to worry about the cleanup and the prices won’t put you into shock.

    As with their food, Punchbowl Social also takes great pride in the drinks they provide for their guests. “Punch Bowl Social’s beverage program focuses first and foremost on quality. [They] accomplish this by setting very high guest service standards, choosing products that reflect each market’s thirst, and creating an experience by simply flipping through the menu. From [their] “New School” craft cocktails to [their] craft beer selections to [their] house made sodas,” The food and drink alone provide enough entertainment. The fun and games? A nice bonus.
    The ambiance is astounding, with high backed leather chairs, a nice fire place and an open floor plan, giving the feeling of freedom and plenty of elbow room. One look, one visit, and you’ll be hooked. Punchbowl Social Club in Portland is located at 340 SW Morrison in Portland. They are open Monday through Thursday from 11 am-12:30 am, Friday from 11 am-2 am, Saturday from 10 am to 2 am and Sunday from 10 am-12:30am. For more information, visit http://punchbowlsocial.com/portland/portland-eat/.

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