Resort at the Mountain

    Looking for a last-minute Christmas gift that will blow your significant others’ mind? Maybe looking for a get-away to get away from the stress inducing holiday season? Maybe it’s time to consider Resort at the Mountain, located in Welches, Oregon in the foothills of Mt. Hood, the tallest mountain in Oregon.

    Throughoutthe warmer seasons, guests of the Resort at the Mountain pick berries, fish on Mirror Lake, and hike along some of Oregon’s best trails. The 1-mile journey to Buried Forest Overlook results in a remarkable view of White River Canyon, a woodsy spot that was buried in ash and mud during one of Mt. Hood’s historic eruptions.

    Located in Mt Hood Village, the Resort at the Mountain is a four-star hotel that will make you feel like you’re wrapped in luxury. With Mt. Hood standing proud in the distance, garbed with innumerable pine trees, the Resort at the Mountain offers everything you would want in a getaway.

    The serene setting of the million plus acre Mount Hood National Forest is ready for hiking, mountain biking, fishing, and even rock climbing at any time of the year. In fact, within twenty-five miles of this luxury resort, there are five recreation areas and sufficient trails for said hiking and biking.

    Within the resort itself, you’ll find comfortable rooms that will entice to stay inside all-day and forgo the beauty around you. You’re on vacation, do this if you want. Take a nap on a comfy Simmons Premium mattress, enjoy the free wifi—or binge watch your favorite show on a flat screen television.In the morning, after that cozy nights’ sleep, take your cup of Joe out onto your private deck or patio and breathe in the fresh mountain air. Get a room with a fireplace and enjoy a romantic evening with your love.

    While your wife heads to the spa (be sure to book this in advance), you can stretch and exercise in the heated year-round pool. Sleep some more and then enjoy some seafood and dessert in the Altitude restaurant, before heading out to explore nature.

    Everyone needs to get away and, living in Portland, you don’t have to go far to get away. Take that short trek into the cool mountain air and indulge yourself by staying a night or to at Resort at the Mountain in Welches. You’ll love it, and you’ll love how close it is to your home in the Portland area.

    The Resort at the Mountain I located at 68010 E Fairway Ave, Welches, OR 97067. For more information, please visit

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