Riverview Restaurant

    Steak and seafood. When it comes to American eats, there are few combinations more romantic and delicious. What can make these delicacies even more romantic? How about a river front view in an elegant setting? Enter the Riverview Restaurant in Troutdale.

    Troutdale, located just minutes Northeast of Downtown Portland, is an often overlooked eatery nestled between Portland, Gresham and Fairview.

    Riverview Restaurant was designed to appeal to all of your senses. From ubiquitous windows offering a panoramic view of the Sandy River and the surrounding mountains, to elegant table cloths that please the skin, the soft music, to the aromatic kitchen and the mouthwatering food, whether you are after a quixotic dinner spot, or merely want to spend an evening surrounded by sophistication and beauty, Riverview Restaurant is the place for you.

    Located on the banks of the Sandy within the manicured grounds of the Troutdale Lodge, the Riverview Restaurant has everything. From the aforementioned stunning views, to savory entries including tropical prawns, miso-glazed salmon,American Kobe top sirloin, and scallops to mouthwatering wine and cocktails to decadent desserts.

    My wife loves romance and, while she could do without steak, she loves seafood—especially scallops and other shellfish. So, I called her from work and told her to get all dolled up because we were going somewhere fancy. She tried to hide her excitement, but she can’.t I heard the squeal before the “Okay, bye!” and the click.

    The night was already off to a good start.

    I arrived home and boy, when I saw her I thought about skipping dinner and going right for dessert: Bright red lipstick, a red dress and a red rose in her hair. Boy, this slob was taking out his dream girl.

    But I digress. Where was I?

    Doesn’t matter. We hopped into the car and drove through the West Hills, across the Fremont Bridge, past downtown and the Rose Garden, past Gresham and into the delightful town of Troutdale.

    Boy, this place was fancy! White table cloths, soft music, a tuxedoed maîtred. We were seated, as per my reservation, next to large windows, revealing the majesty of the Great Pacific Northwest. This is why we live here. This is why you should live here. The beauty is indescribable… and then I turned my attention back to my wife and my jaw dropped.

    We drank our wine and ate the most delectable food I have ever eaten. I felt her teasing my legs with her feet. The Riverview Restaurant in Troutdale was everything I could have ever wanted: from the view, to the food, the dessert (both on the menu and not on the menu), to the ambiance. I recommend it to everyone and anyone.

    I spent a pretty penny, but it was worth it. The Riverview Restaurant is located at 29311 SE Stark St, Troutdale, OR 97060. It’s a must visit date & dinner destination.

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