Safari Sam

    The thing about kids: they have birthdays, and they usually want to make a big deal out of them. It’s understandable. So, imagine having a bunch of ten year olds over. Imagine feeding them a bunch of cake, a bunch of ice cream, copious amounts of pizza, and enough soda to keep a dentist busy for the next decade. Imagine all this happening in your house. This was going to be my future, until my wife, always the resourceful one, discovered a place called Safari Sam’s in nearby Sherwood, Oregon.

    “Our son has to have a party,” she said, pointing to the website on the laptop. “May as well have a party with tons of activities that will tire them out. And of course, if it’s not here, I won’t have to clean up the mess.”

    I nodded. “You know would help with the mess.”

    She laughed and said, “We’re doing Safari Sam’s.”

    “Good idea,” I said. Not having to feed a bunch of kids or clean up after them was fine by me. The trick, of course, was talking my ten year old into the idea. This was quite easier after we showed him the website.

    “Safari Sam’s looks awesome!” was his response.

    And awesome is the right word for this kid’s paradise. Outfitted with the biggest play structure in the state, a climbing wall, multiple bounce houses, a physically demanding Black Diamond Challenge Course, and a game room with more than 75 video and ticket-redemption games—Safari Sam’s is to kids what Las Vegas is to adults. In fact, for a brief moment, I longed to be ten years old again. Safari Sam’s was going to be a blast, and I would watch from the sidelines (well, except for maybe the games. I would find a way to play those and win prizes… for the kids of course).

    Safari Sam’s also has mini golf, but not like any mini golf you have experienced before. Nope. At Safari Sam’s, the 18 hole golf course is glow in the dark.

    So how did it go? We climbed, we golfed, we video gamed, we ate, we drank. In short, we got our money’s worth and threw my son a party he would never forget. The service was great and patient (as it should be with kids) and we felt as home as we could feel in a gigantic jungle gym. Safari Sam’s is a little out of the way, but well worth the trip—especially for those living on the West Side. My kid thanked me profusely all the way home, and all that weekend. Be a hero to your kids and book them a party—or just a day out—at Safari Sam’s.

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