Scared in Oregon

    I am Mr. Christmas. The day after Thanksgiving, the Christmas lights go up, Frosty gets on the roof, the manger scene hits the lawn, the Christmas music gets busted out, the Christmas movie marathon begins. Not to mention the endless parade of Christmas sweaters, sweets, guests, and Christmas parties. Yes, Christmas, is what I’m known for around Portland.

    My wife enjoys Christmas, but, her holiday, the one that gives her the most delight, is Halloween. So, before I’m allowed to deck the halls with boughs of holly, she gets to deck the lawn with ghouls and goblins.

    Don’t get me wrong: I like Halloween. Dressing up, free candy, scary movies. It’s all well and good, but it’s not my go to. My wife loves to be scared, loves to dress up and loves costume parties. She also loves haunted houses.

    One of my goals this year was to find a haunted house that was truly terrifying, that would scare her and that would provide a new and terrifying experience for her. In Portland, with so many houses to choose from, this can be hard to find—the sheer numbers make it hard to find the “Best” one. But, I think I did it. The House of Shadows.

    What Makes the House of Shadows, located in Fairview, Oregon, near Gresham and about ten miles from downtown Portland, unique is the number of ways they scare you, See, the sick and twisted designers of the House of Shadows know that different things are scary to different folks.

    Take me, for instance. Clowns and serial killers are my undoing. Combine the two, and you have my own coup de grace of terror. That does me in. My wife, clowns don’t’ do a thing for her, but, put her in touch with a witch doctor practicing the dark arts or Voodoo, and you might hear her scream in abject horror. You’ll find both of these terrifying situations at the House of Shadows along with some creepy dolls, a forest of mutant creatures, and all manner of gross and grisly.

    Often cited as one of Oregon’s best haunted houses, the House of Shadows in Fairview is housed by terrific actors and top notch special effects to ensure a truly terrifying experience. I think I’ve found the place that will finally satisfy the terror my wife longs to feel. Couple that with scary movies and risqué costumes, and I may be able to parlay a night at the House of Shadows into something more when we arrive home.

    None-the-less, if nothing else, it will signal to me that Christmas is near. And there’s nothing scary about that.

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