Summer in Portland, Oregon is fantastic. I mean, you get one of those really good summers (like we’re having) you’re looking at high 80’s and no rain for months on end. Swimming or rafting in the numerous lakes and river around town, taking a dip in the ocean, lounging by a pool and catching up on Vitamin D, enjoying a beer and barbecue: There’s nothing like summer time in Portland.

    And, while I listed some terrific ways to cool off and feel refreshed on a summer day, perhaps the tastiest way is with an ice cream cone.

    Finding ways to get ice cream here in Portland—and, well, anywhere really—is not difficult. But, this being Portland and me being a bit of a foodie, I am quite picky about my ice cream. I’ll pay more for quality. I’m that guy.

    And, really, it’s not just about the ice cream—it’s about the cone as well. The cone can make or break your ice cream experience. Well, not break, really. Ice cream is good no matter what… but it can make a difference.

    Enter: Scoop

    Scoop I primarily a food cart out at 42nd and Killingsworth but their cones can be obtained at numerous locations.

    The sugar cones created by the geniuses at Scoop Handmade Ice Cream are picky about what they allow to fill those cones.The cones themselves are hand crafted from fine local and ethically sourced ingredients, and they expect nothing less from the ice cream they serve. The ice cream must be made in small batches with only local (where available), organic, and fair-trade ingredients. If you’re looking for preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, or artificial colors, you may have to run out to the local Baskin Robbins. You won’t find it at Scoop Handmade Ice Cream.

    When I first heard of these strict standards, I fully expected to pop up to that food cart and have a choice between vanilla and pumpernickel. But, I was pleasantly surprised at the varieties available, from pecan butter, to churro sabroso, to blueberry cinnamon. In fact, t times, they have more than forty flavors available, putting the aforementioned Baskin Robbins to shame.

    Food carts are a blast. Getting ice cream at a food cart is even better. Getting ice cream at a food cart on a super hot Portland day… perhaps nothing is finer.

    Treat yourself. You deserve it!

    Their main location is located at 42nd and NE Killingsworth. For a complete list of locations, please visit:

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