Second Profession

    One of the very best things about Portland is that if you’re a beer lover, like me, there is always a new brewery to try. They never get old nor do they seem to exhaust their supply. It’s truly a bottomless pit of new beers and breweries.

    Here in Portland, we are both foodies and beer snobs. You won’t catch us drinking Budweiser or Coors Light. At least not in front of our friends. No. What you will catch us doing is consuming microbrew at one of the hundreds (nay, thousands!) or breweries in and around the Portland metropolitan area. Even if you don’t drink beer, these breweries provide some of the best food and hangout spots in the area.

    One of the newest breweries that I recently had the opportunity to check out is Second Profession Brewing on Northeast Sandy and 57th. And, it’s not just the delicious beer that sets it apart.

    Second Profession Brewing isn’t just a place to grab a drink and a bite. They revel in their love of beer and inspire beer connoisseurs to discover new beers and new scintillating flavors. From tastings to brewing classes, Second Profession Brewing has you covered! Whether it’s a flight of beers with friends at the Rose City Taproom or a night out with enjoying tasty brews and delicious German eats, Second Profession Brewing is the perfect beer spot for a Portlander.

    The brewery was founded by Charlie Goman and he has a true passion for crafting craft beer. He started Second Profession Brewing by admitting that brewing is both his second profession as well as, historically, the second oldest profession (we will make no mention here of the infamous oldest profession). Back in the olden times when Beer was at its hey day, every village had a brewery and everybody in the community pitched in to contribute to its success. In fact, in those days, beer was a necessity. Clean water was hard to come by and often times the difference between life and death was a good brewery. Now, of course, we have the luxury of clean water and tasty beer. Modern times are the best of both worlds.

    Nonetheless, inspired by the history of brewing, Charlie founded Second Profession Brewing as a place to promote community and reconnoiter beer in a welcoming environment. Make sure to say hello to Charlie the next time you stop by; he loves to talk shop.

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