Raise your hand if you were a fan of the television show Arrested Development. I’ll admit that I did not get into the show until after it had been cancelled, but once I started watching it, I loved it, especially the character Gob. One of the reasons I liked Gob so much was because he rode around on a Segway, which always looked like a fun and interesting way to get around.

    I went to buy one once and was shocked at the price tag. A couple of G’s for a base model. My Segway dream was crushed. And then I came across an advertisement promising a Segway tour of Portland, Oregon. Wait… you mean I could travel around on a Segway without shelling out thousands of dollars and get a tour of the greatest city in America? Count me in!

    I arrived at my guided tour at Portland Segway Tours, located at 120 SW Stark Street, Suite #120, Portland, OR 97204. I opted for the two hour Historic Downtown Portland tour for $69 bucks. I got on my Segway and immediately had trouble balancing. I had forgotten about my lack of coordination. But, the friendly tour guide helped me out. He showed me the trick to balancing and before long, I was cruising along like Gob Bluth himself.

    What a glorious way to see the city! Even with my dorky little helmet (safety first!), seeing the Portlandia Statue, China Town and cruising along the Willamette have never been more fun. The Steel Bridge has a unique aural quality from a Segway, and the quizzical looks of admiration and curiosity from drivers and pedestrians made me feel like a quasi-celebrity; topped off, of course, by a wheeled jaunt through the Pearl District and my unique perspective of the city of Portland was complete. Two hours flew by, but in the two hours, I became a Segway expert.

    With five different tour options and five different price points, The Portland Segway Tour can be experienced by anyone and on numerous occasions. Whether you’re a lifelong resident of Portland, a transplant, a tourist, or a prospective resident, if you’re looking for a one of a kind experience that is beyond fun, consider a Portland Segway tour. You’ll be glad you did.

    For more information, visit, or call 503-444-1530. Experience Portland in a new way by taking a Segway Tour through Portland, Oregon.

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