Sky High

    I’ve never fully grown up. In a way, I’m the poster child for a Toys R Us kid. I love to have fun, I love letting go of my worries and concerns and just, well, being a kid. And, like Tiger, I love to bounce and jump and frolic and get lost in the weightless feeling, and disguised exercise of trampolines and bouncy houses. And, I love Sky High Sports Trampoline Park in Tigard, Oregon.

    Sky High Sports is easy to get to, being a good half way point between the urbanites in Portland and the suburbanites in Hillsboro and Beaverton. It offers fun for folks of all ages, with a special focus on the adults (because not enough fun things are reserved just for us!). One day, we piled the family into the old Subaru and made the quick jaunt from Cedar Hills to Tigard, right near Washington Square Mall.

    We exited the car and, only slightly in tune with what awaited us, rushed into the venue with gusto.

    “Wow,” said my son.

    “Wow,” I said in unison.

    “Beautiful!!” My wife and daughter chimed in.

    Bright colors, fun music and people bouncing everywhere. This is the kind of place I needed to escape the doldrums of daily life. The kids quickly left for the children’s side of things while my wife and I frolicked like children onto a giant trampoline. We leapt and jumped, crashed into rubber padded walls. Jump. Land. Repeat. Our smiles were wide and our laughter was deafening. We needed this. Life is good, but life is also life and sometimes a place where you can run and jump and be free is just what the proverbial doctor ordered.

    But, jumping wasn’t all that was available. No siree Bob. We joined in for a rousing game of dodgeball where we discovered that, even though we could indeed dodge wrenches, sometimes the ball still finds you. We got to dunk some basketball on giant trampolines and, for a moment, we felt like Lisa Leslie and LeBron James. What is it with me and flying lately?

    We topped it off in the giant foam pit which, of course, made me feel like a child again. The whole day did.

    Whether you want to spend a birthday here, sign your kids up for summer camp, participate in Airobics, or just let out some of that pent up angst and frustration that comes with being an adult, Sky High Sports is the place for you and it is just one more reason why living in Portland is so great.

    Sky High Sport is located at 11131 Southwest Greenburg Road in Tigard, Oregon. For more information, please visit or call 503-924-JUMP.

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