Smockville Brewhouse

    I don’t talk about Sherwood, Oregon much but, I really should. If you’re into the suburban life, it’s a perfect spot to live. Nestled between Tualatin and Newberg yet still close enough to Portland to enjoy the big city life when you want too, this upper middle class neighborhood has great schools lots of parks and plenty of terrific jobs.

    But, those aren’t what brought me to Sherwood last week. What brought me to Sherwood was the promise of beer and food.

    Sure, we can get these things in abundance in downtown Portland, but, my when buddy offered to treat and he didn’t want to make the trek into Portland. He wanted me to check out Smockville Brewhouse.

    After my visit, I have to say that this was a terrific experience.

    For starters, the Smockville Brewhouse looks really bad ass. It’s like an urban brewhouse in the middle of suburban America. It opens up to a wood-filled interior, with modern style exposed piping in the ceilings that reminds me of the boiler room at the Mcmenamins Kennedy School location. The bar area is super cool, too, overlooking the brew-making area. You can watch the magic happen while you taste the magic. I drank my beer while I watched the big batches being created, each engineered with love and care by the trio of co-owners who permeate the bar with a desire for socializing over beer comfort food.

    “Come for the beer. Stay for the food,” My friend said.

    I opened the menu as I sipped the Flooded Basement Pale Ale, an easy to drink light beer infused with refreshing tropical and citrus fruity essences. My buddy drank the Go Time IPA, a light brown with strawberry red colored beer flavored by local, mosaic hops.

    My buddy opted for the hummus nachos and I went for the Smockville Burger—a delicious sandwich topped with bacon, sharp cheddar cheese and caramelized porter onions. It was like bar food, but fancier. “And let’s switch to the Weebitta Wheat Beer.” I’ve always adored wheat beers and this one if an unfiltered American flavor, a trivial floral taste and scent.

    There’s so much more I could say about Smockville Brewhouse. I’m really glad I found it and It made the trek to Sherwood worth it. Delicious food, a cool spot and terrific beers. It’s hard to find a better option or a better way to spend an afternoon.

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