Sometimes I think that I was born in the wrong era. When I watch films depicting the gangster era, the 1920’s, the era of the largely ineffective Volstead Act, I feel like that’s the era that I belong in. It’s not that I’m a criminal—far from it, really. But the music, the fashion, the hair styles, the dancing: It just appeals to me. I’m surely not the only one.

    I’ve talked about Escape Rooms in this space before. I’ve done a couple and I had a blast. Solving riddles and puzzles is another thing that I greatly enjoy. Well, it turns out, my love of 1920’s culture can now be combined with my love of escape rooms, thanks to Pour Sports Bar and Grill in the Buckman neighborhood of southeast Portland, Oregon.

    The Buckman neighborhood is named for late 19th century orchardist Cyrus Buckman. Today, the historic center of East Portland is designated as the East Portland Grand Avenue Historic District. Three bridges connect Buckman to neighborhoods in Southwest Portland across the Willamette: The Old Town Chinatown neighborhood via the Burnside Bridge, and Downtown Portland via the Morrison and Hawthorne Bridges.The neighborhood also includes Colonel Summers Park, Buckman Community Garden, and much of the Vera Katz Eastbank Esplanade. It is in this environment that one finds Pour Sports Bar and Grill and the Speakeasy Themed Escape Room.

    Get your drink on, but be aware that the coppers could come at any time and be prepared to scram, scoot, and skedaddle.

    Pour Sports is the place to come for food and/or entertainment. In addition to the food (delicious pizzas, burgers, wraps and sammies), they also offer huge TV screens showing all of the NFL games every Sunday, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker tournaments, pool tables, karaoke, a weekly trivia night and of course, the Escape Room (and, if free, on site parking is a perk, they have that too!).

    About that escape room, picture this:
    It’s the 1920’s and prohibition rules the United States The ingress, transport and sale of alcoholic beverages is illegal yet you decide to go against the law and run an underground speakeasy. Of course you do. Because you’re a rebel. Word on the street is you’ve been ratted out to the cops and they are on the way. You have up to one hour to escape or you go to jail. And, of course, upon escape, you’re gonna find the rat who snitched and teach him a lesson… but there’s not a room for that. To escape, you and your group (two, four or six) must work together to crack puzzles and portion together clues in order to make your getaway before the coppers arrive.

    It’s different every time, and, at only $25 bucks a person, it’s super affordable too. It’s a blast, really and I completely recommend it.

    For more information, visit https://poursportspdx.com/escape-room/.

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