Splash Bar

    A number of years ago (though, if you ever meet my wife, she won’t tell you exactly how many years ago- likewise, I am sworn to secrecy), I took my wife to Hawaii for her thirtieth birthday. It was one of the best vacations of our lives. No kids, no cares, no concerns; just pure, unadulterated relaxation, and contentment. We relaxed on the beach, we snorkeled with glorious fish, we enjoyed breath taking sunsets from our balcony. In short, Hawaii was paradise. An expensive paradise.

    But life happens. Kids happen. Mortgages happen. Jobs happen. We swore we would be back but, it hasn’t happened. I’m sure it will again, but it hasn’t yet.

    Thankfully, Portland, Oregon has brought Hawaii to us via the Splash Bar in the Pearl District. Billing itself as “[A] beach themed party bar with the best Hawaiian menu in the Pearl!” The Splash Bar offers “[T]ropical drinks, Loco Moco, specialty burgers, and chicken katsu” and offers a terrific happy hour, free games, pool and billiards– and Splash Bar even welcomes children until ten PM.

    We decided to give it a try. Since we always dress for the occasion, I arrived bedecked in my bright blue Hawaiian buttoned down shirt (purchased in Oahu) and my wife wore a faux-grass skirt and an adorable pink tank top. We looked great. We looked like we were enjoying Hawaii without having endured a six hour flight and minor jet lag.

    Bright colors everywhere, festive sights and sounds, pleasantly volumed Hawaiian music and delicious Hawaiian food made this experience as authentic as one can get on this side of the Pacific. And they love special events. This is a place for young to middle aged people to gather and enjoy the sites and sounds of the Islands. And, after the kids leave, the lights dim and DJ’s and live bands transform the Splash Bar into a high energy, tasteful and amusing party. Just like those beach parties in Hawaii, minus the sand between your toes.

    This night, decked out like island tourists, we danced to our hearts’ content. We kissed, we hugged, and we fell back in love—with great assist, of course from Splash Bar. Best of all, we left while we were having fun and were home in enough time to get a good night’s sleep.

    Splash bar is open 5pm to Close Monday – Saturday. Happy Hour is from 5-9 on Saturdays. They are located at 904 NW Couch St in the Pearl District of Portland.

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