Sport Clips

    I hate getting my hair cut. It’s not that I don’t want to look nice or that I don’t see the value, it’s simply that I don’t enjoy the process. I find it awkward and strange. I feel like I’m forced into conversation.

    I imagine that I am not alone in this regard and, I equally imagine, that this was the reason behind whatever genius invented Sport Clips.

    Sport Clips is a man cave slash hair salon. Walking in, I was greeted by bleachers and flanked by flat screen televisions displaying the NFL network. The attractive stylists wore athletic wear and retrieved hair supplies from lockers. The experience was already unique and the presence of sports-tuned televisions precluded the need for mundane conversation.

    After my name was called (and I found the wait surprisingly easy, what with the sports and all), I was given a list of service options and I opted for the MVP treatment since I am, after all, an MVP.

    So it began.

    The stylist started with my hair, carefully trimming off unwanted snarls and curls before fine tuning it all with scissors. Then she moved south to my beard, trimming and shaping it to perfection before blending it with the top half of my head. The best part? She noted what size clipper she used on my head meaning that next time I come in (and there will be a next time) I won’t need to be asked that annoying question of what size clippers do you want to use?

    And, as if my haircut didn’t look good enough, the best part was set to begin.

    I was ushered into a back room and sat in a vibrating heated chair. I was asked to lie back and a warm towel was wrapped across my face. This is something that I have never experienced. It is something I want to experience over and over again. This experience was made even better because my stylist was not only washing my hair, but also massaged my scalp and temples in the process. The only thing missing was a beer and a Seahawks Super Bowl Victory.

    Men, it’s okay to pamper yourselves and Sport Clips makes it easy to do in a manly way. So, make the right call and head out to one of the 12 Portland area Sport Clips and score a stylistic and relaxation touchdown.

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