Spring Beer & Wine

    It’s exciting to be on the cutting edge. It’s exciting to discover something before anyone else. It’s exciting to say “I knew them back when…” or “I remember trying this or that before it was even available.” This is nowhere more true, perhaps, than in the field of beer, wine and spirits and what better place to “try it here first” than at the Spring Beer and Wine Festival held at the Convention Center in Portland, Oregon this coming April. The Spring Beer and Wine Festival is widely regarded as the nation’s prevalent sampling springtime event. And it’s right here in the good ole Rose City.

    Each year as the cold of winter turns into the brilliance of blooming spring, I begin to salivate. I begin to fantasize about the new flavors that will tickle my taste buds, intrigue my senses and boggle my mind. Yes, the Spring Beer and Wine Festival never disappoints… and offers much more than booze.

    As the name would suggest, the focus of the festival is beer and wine, but you will also meet some of the most innovative burgeoning and veteran liquor distillers, chocolatiers, cheese makers, and chefs that the great Pacific Northwest has to offer. You can enjoy the copious flavors and aromas in the spectacular Convention Center while watching the Blazers and Timbers play on the myriad of big screens throughout the festival or while listening to some of the fine musical talent the great city of Portland has to offer. It is easy to spend the duration of the festival here and only scratch the surface of the wonders that the festival offers.

    But what about all the terrific beer discoveries? Surely you can’t remember them all. Programs get recycled, flavors get muddled, names get swapped and confused. Not to worry! This year, for the first time, the Festival is offering Growler fill ups for only $16… including the growler! And, for the frugalist amongst us, the first five hundred attendees on Friday April 18th get in for free.

    There are admission packages ranging from eight dollars to twenty five. Diverse packages, souvenirs and even tables that can be reserved for parties, all help ensure a fun and memorable experience that fits any and all budgets.

    So, if you’re a lover of crafty foods and beverages, the twentieth annual Spring Beer and Wine Festival is the place for you. It’s a weekend of entertainment and it’s easy to get to no matter where you call home. And don’t worry if you over indulge: The MAX has a stop right at the Convention Center and numerous cabs are around to offer you safe travels home.

    The 20th Annual Spring Beer & Wine Festival Friday, April 18 & Saturday April 19, 2014 at the Oregon Convention Center just outside of Downtown Portland.

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