Stickmen Brewing

    Want to find a brewery in the Portland/Metropolitan area? That’s easy. Throw a pebble, or a leaf or something light weight and, wherever it lands, you will find a brewery. In this area, they are EVERYWHERE! With so many choices, it can almost be overwhelming but, fear not, I have not had a bad brewery experience anywhere in the Portland/Metro area. Your odds of having a good experience are good.

    Now, the brewery blocks make it simple. Dozens of breweries all within walking distance of each other, each providing excellent food and beverage options. But, what about the suburbs? Are there good breweries in the suburbs? Absolutely!

    Take the affluent suburb of Lake Oswego. The Stickmen Brewing Company stands out to me. At the Stickmen Brewing Company, Craft is at the core of what they do. From the vast array of beers that they produce, to the full brewpub menu, to the specialty cocktails and wines they dispense, they endeavor to use local ingredients and products for all of their food and beverage offerings.

    The cozy brick building, nestled along the picturesque brick side walk of State Street in the Heart of Lake Oswego, this relatively new establishment (founded in 2011) provides the best beer and some of the best foods available West of Portland. An open floor with large high backed booths and a handsome, black trimmed bar, Stickmen Brewing Company also provides an astounding view of the lake and, if you hit the right time of day, you will catch the most spectacular sunset as you enjoy your meal and drink.

    The prices here are a touch on the high side, but well in line with what you would expect in Lake Oswego, where the median income is higher than in most other cities in the Portland area. But, you get what you pay for… from succulent hamburgers on fresh baked buns, to fresh salads tossed largely from local farms, to tasty soups, trans-fat free fries and Jalapeno poppers that will have you reaching for milk, Stickmen Brewing Company is a must visit for anyone anywhere near Lake Oswego. Plenty of vegetarian and gluten free options as well. And, don’t forget to try their wide array of beers and wines, hand crafted with love and care.

    Stickmen Brewing Company is everything you would want in a brew pub—from the pleasing ambiance to the delicious food and drink to the jaw dropping views. It’s a treasure that not many folks would find by accident. Be thankful that I discovered it for you!

    Stickmen Brewing Company is located at 40 N State Street in Lake Oswego.

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