Stone Massage

    Relaxation is pleasant. It’s good for your health. It can even be a social activity. And, I’m not ashamed, as a man, to say that I enjoy being pampered and turning off my cell phone, unplugging my lap top, and just letting myself go.

    And I’m always looking for new ways to do this. My latest discovery? Stone massages.

    Just over the bridge in Vancouver, the credentialed massage therapists, aestheticians, and stylists at Luxury Salon and Spa “Believe that beauty, harmony, and well-being can enhance and enrich guests’ lives.” And, since we all have different stressors and levels of stress, different ways of relaxation and different ways our body reacts to stimuli, a variety of relaxation techniques are offered.

    For me, it’s the aforementioned stone massages. These take my stress way unlike anything else I have ever experienced. A Hot stone massage is a special kind of massage where the therapist uses hot, smooth stones as an extension of their own hands, or by arranging them directly onto the body of the patient. It’s a similar concept to using a heating pad, but in my opinion, more relaxing and effective.  The heat from the stones can heat up tightened muscles (and with my high stress job, my muscles are often tightened) and can provide deep relaxation. This allows the therapist to work quicker and get deeper into your tissues.

    So, why not just take my clothes off at home and have my wife, who is a fantastic amateur masseuse, work on her magic on my achy, ailing body? Well, it’s not the same experience as going somewhere and having a true professional do it for you. And, while there are plenty of places in Portland where one can get this done, Luxury Salon and Spa is worse the drive into Vancouver.

    In addition to the champagne, cider and fresh fruit available to guests, the staff at Luxury salon and Spa have fashioned a wide-ranging list of amenities intended to promote relaxation and enhance your appearance. While I’m not so much a fan use Eyelash extensions, my wife is, and they provide that and do a bang up job too. She always looks so good! They can also get rid of unsightly hairs using through the use of lasers, which is always fun to talk about. They also combine light suction with radio frequencies  and massage to tighten the skin and get rid of that unwanted cellulite. They cultivate and revitalize façades through microdermabrasion treatments, peels and facials.  And if you’ve never experienced a mud or salt bath… you are missing out.

    It may not be the manliest thing in the world, but Luxury Salon and Spa in Vancouver is a part of my monthly health ritual. If you haven’t been, I suggest you go. Hot Stone Massage. There’s nothing quite like it. And It’s yet another reason why I love living in Portland.

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