SuperPlay Reborn

    When I was a kid, Virtual Reality was the work of science fiction. The stuff Phillip K Dick wrote about. Now, flash forward many years later, not only is VR (as the cool kids call it) here, but you can even get a virtual reality machine with certain cell phone plans.

    If you’ve never used VR before, it’s an indescribable experience. Have you ever wanted to go on an African safari but can’t pony up the cash? Try virtual reality. Have you ever wanted to travel into space but your name isn’t Richard Branson? Virtual reality. Want to check out the ocean depths without the risk of the bends or sharks? Yep. You guessed it.

    Virtual Reality is a completely immersive experience. It’s more than a movie, it actually puts you into the environment, virtually, but, lie back and free your mind, and you will feel like you’re there. If you haven’t tried it and don’t want to pony up for a device, SuperPlay offers such an experience.

    I’ve talked about SuperPLay before, but they’re always making improvements. It’s always like a new experience. And, with the addition of Virtual Reality it’s a totally different kind of fun. That’s why I’m bringing it up again.

    Located in Beaverton, Oregon just miles from Down Town Portland, SuperPlay rose like a phoenix from the remains of the tragic fire that took away bowling haven Valley Lanes. Valley Lanes was the place to be for half a century. My family used to go there and knock pins down and eat hot dogs. We were deeply saddened when it was destroyed by fire.
    In true Portland fashion, however, Valley Lanes did not let the fire keep them down. Instead, they viewed the tragedy as an opportunity for rebirth. Instead of closing up shop and saying “Woe is me”, the company rebuilt, bigger and better than ever. Now, as SuperPlay, it’s a true place to kick back and relax and have some fun.

    They kept the bowling, of course. Twenty four lanes and a new and more accurate scoring system. But, more than they, they mounted a large laser tag arena, installed and an arcade, and, of course, including a virtual reality area offering a thirty-minute, immersive experience. Superplay.

    But, more than that, the whole kitchen and menu has been revamped. High quality food and beverages can accompany your whole night out with your family. Numerous high definition televisions and ample bowling lanes with comfortable seating, make SuperPlay a truly enjoyable experience for all ages.

    Take SuperPlay as an example. If life throws you lemons, make lemonade. SuperPlay is closer to Portland than the Family Fun Center in Wilsonville and, with virtual reality to boot. I hope you’ll check it out, if you haven’t. It combines the old with the new and, of course, the fun is virtually endless.

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