I friggin love go-karts. If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know that already. Give me a chance to go karting, and karting I will do. If I had the space and if my wife would let me, I would build a go-kart track in my backyard. But, I don’t and she won’t, so, I have to get my karting on at any of the number of go-kart tracks run around the Portland/metro area.

    And, of course, these meet my needs. For a while. The problem is, outside of our brilliant summer times, it rains a lot here in Portland. Rain and go-karts are a bad combination. I want to go kart but I don’t want to kill myself—or someone else—to do it.

    So, what do I do? Get my karting on during the summer and then wait nine months? That doesn’t seem like an option that I want to entertain. Well, thankfully, I have another option here in Portland: Sykart Indoor Racing Center.

    With straightaways that allow me to speed up to forty miles per hour in a Sodikart go-kart, SyKart Indoor Racing Center cheers racers on to embrace high g-forces and adrenaline for a real racing experience. For a moment, I feel like Dale Earnhardt Jr. or Mario Andretti, speeding across the Indianapolis Race Way. But, without the beating down of the sweltering sun, or the pelting of the rain. Racing in enclosed conditions really brings a whole new level of fun to an already exhilarating activity.

    But, what fun is a go kart, if you break you head in the process? Safety is still of utmost importance. The staff members limit the number of karts to twelve per race. Additionally, all racersare required to wear DOT-approved motorcycle helmets with protective visors. And, even though I consider myself to be a karting expert, the tips that they provide for each race are also helpful. I won’t share these tips with you, though, because I don’t want to give you any kind of advantage. I’m competitive. I want to win. If you want to find out, go check it out for yourself.

    My race, each time, was a blast. I came in no lower than third place and had better time with each successive lap. I know this because, after each race, I received a printout with each of my lap times. I took my son and felt no compunction about bragging later to my wife that I beat him each time. She said it was like the time that I bragged about dunking the basketball on a six-foot hoop.

    I didn’t care, though. I still won and I still had fun. I’ll definitely be back.

    SyKart Indoor Racing is located near Tigard at 8205 Southwest Hunziker Street in Portland, Oregon. For more information, check out

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