Syun Izakaya

    I don’t consider myself an obnoxious foodie. I consider myself more of a fan of high quality foods that please my taste buds. I don’t hold myself in higher esteem than those that don’t share these sentiments, but, nonetheless, I am proud of the food options available to me here in the Portland/Metro area and I am always pleased to show some of these places off. So, when my best friend and his wife were visiting from the Bay Area of California, we knew going out to eat was the answer… and we decided to continue our exploration through Hillsboro, Oregon at the same time.

    As we embarked on our journey, we had one goal in mind: Mexican food. But, like many well laid plans, once we parked, we discovered that we were in front of this building with a pleasing awning, directly across from the courthouse. The name on the awning read Syun Izakaya. We were drawn to it.

    “You guys like Japanese?” I said.

    Everyone nodded and we made our way through the door (which had a Zagat rated sticker on it) and into a little slice of the Far East.

    The door led us down a small flight of stairs, next to statues of Buddha and bamboo plants. The hostess handed us menus: parchment paper pasted onto balsa wood. I felt like I was in a foreign land. Sushi chefs stood to my left creating dazzlingly presented culinary delights.

    After looking over the menus and deciding that this would be a moderately priced—yet entirely indulgent—treat, the hostess lead us to a back room with a half dozen tables. We immediately encountered a couple we knew—a not uncommon occurrence in the close knit community of Hillsboro—and greeted them with hugs and hellos, before sitting at our own table.

    My wife loves to share food and Sushi is the perfect shareable food. My best friend and his wife, and my wife and I decided to order a variety of sushi and share it all. If the environment was any indication, this Sushi would be absolutely amazing. The sushi was delivered and the artfulness of the presentation only provide a hint of the deliciousness awaiting us. The Shrimp tempura was perfectly fried and tightly rolled, the scallop sashimi and California rolls were delectable and the house creations were unique and delicious.

    Maybe sushi isn’t your thing. Not to worry! SyunIzakaya has plenty of other food and drink options to please every palate. Whether you enjoy trying different foods or stick to the same thing, SyunIzakaya is worth checking out. From the ambiance, to the food, to the prices, Syun Izakaya in downtown Hillsboro succeeds on every level. Check them out seven days a week at 209 SE Lincoln Street in Hillsboro. They have a great Happy hour menu as well.

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