It’s true. We were offered dessert at the Pastina Pasteria and it is true that we declined that offer. We did not decline, however, because we were craving something sweet. No. We declined because we knew we were near the nearly five star rated FroYo (Frozen yogurt, the lay person) joint, TartBerry.

    TartBerry is a quirky, self-serve frozen yogurt joint. TartBerry keeps Portland weird with a brightly colored building located in Downtown Portland at 915 South Ninth Avenue. TartBerry offers locally sourced frozen yogurt (with vegan and no sugar options) in a variety of flavors and with innumerable add on options. We had spotted it earlier as we huffed our way to dinner and knew we would be making a stop on our way out of Downtown and back home.

    So, after our culturally filling evening at the Portland Art Museum, and our stomach filling and taste bud pleasing dinner at the Pastini Pasteria, we walked off some of those carbs up to Ninth Avenue to TartBerry. We opened the door and immediately went down a ramp and entered a room quite literally filled with smiles and all the colors of the rainbow. Handwritten post it notes from please patrons and machines filled with delightful confectionery and all the free samples that one could handle. And, you can control your own costs, as the charge for all this deliciousness is by the ounce.

    After settling on our yogurts, we quickly made our way to the condiments station and piled our cups high with gummy bears, cookies, Charleston Chews, fresh fruit and, yes, vinegar (don’t knock it til you try it). We made our way to bar stools by the window… bar stools with bike pedals for foot rests. Only in Portand.

    The windows provided an unusual view of the street. Below street level, we watched the feet of puppies and people stroll in the late winter, early evening light. It gave me a new found appreciation of this city and all that it has to offer. And, the place didn’t take itself too seriously. Quotes encouraging happiness and contentment lined the walls, adding charm and character to the many hand written notes that were put in place by magnets.

    TartBerry is an unusual place in all the good woods. The bright colors, the amazing yogurt, and even the friendly staff, made TartBerry the go to place if you’re having an off day… or if you just want to have a nice post dinner dessert with a foxy lady or handsome dude. I can guarantee we will be back.

    Portland, Oregon: You surprise and delight me every day.

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